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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Thread is closed so I can't reply there but:

    "Reputation is more a popularity contest and it doesn't really reflect how "HQ" you are - post likes do that."

    Completely untrue. People often like peoples post for no reason or they like stupid posts like a bunch of smileys, a 1 word answer or other 'lq' stuff.
  2. Where ever people are involved there will be bias sadly, we can't do anything about it but at least those stats aren't held on a pedastal like on some forums.
  3. Well apparently post likes are?
  4. Look at the users with the most likes on the site. They are the most active in the wrestling sections. Before Matt left, he had the highest reputation on the site.

    Pretty much proves my point.
  5. Just because they're active in those sections it doesn't mean they got all their likes from there, does it?
  6. I don't believe they are, Crayo may see them as that to him but I don't see anyone being regarded as idiots as they have a low amount of likes for example. Taker Lockard and Mustaphar, they're always having their dong slurped for being HQ yet only have a few 100 likes between them I believe.
  7. So it's one huge coincidence that Rain, Stopspot, Dolph, Seabs etc have a lot of likes? Get off it.

    Furthermore, to add to someone's like score, you must like a post. Where as reputation is all about giving your opinion of them as a user. Inevitably there will be some phony likes or likes based on comedy, but the majority of likes are given for HQ posts. Dolph's received like 4 for his TNA review the other day, but did he get rep for it?

    Overall, likes is a much more accurate system of judging how much a user contributes to the site in terms of post quality, and most users here will agree with that.
  8. I think this way also, but apparently Crayo doesn't.
  9. Who cares if it is a popularity contest? This isn't an elementary school where kids need to be protected. Real life is also a popularity contest, the more popular you are, usually the better life you have. If others getting more rep and likes than you do bothers you, you have problems far larger than can be solved on an online forum.
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  10. You don't think it has something to do with the fact that clicking a like button is easier than going to their profile, clicking rate, typing a reason and clicking submit then closing the window?
  11. Meh I think no number can offer an evaluation of a user, if I like them I like them if I think you're a dick you're a dick.
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  12. Oh, I know, just giving my feedback to a post of Crayo's because he closed the thread, like he always does :sad1:
  13. So you think users think to themselves "Hmm, I want to tell this person how much I like them, so I'll go find a random post of his and like it". You're full of crap man I swear.

    All post-likes I see are based on that post being somewhat purposeful. Whether it's comedy, high-quality, informative, or anything else that benefits the liker, it serves a purpose. Look at my rep page and then my like page if you want to compare.
  14. I'm not saying that at all. I'm telling you that your interpretation of people like count is in my opinion, wrong.
  15. Cool. Thanks for telling me that.

    If only you could have told me via a PM system or on Skype.

  16. I hate it when Crayo closes threads.
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  17. Re-opened for GrammarNazi, lol.
  18. Whipped, it'll be interesting to say what people say also IMO.
  19. I somewhat agree with this. I like a shit-ton of posts, generally speaking, but there's a reason for each one. Sometimes it serves as giving the poster a nod of approval or agreement, sometimes it's because I find a post witty and enjoy it so I click to like it. Sometimes it's HQ contribution, discussion, debate, etc., so I click to like it. I don't like a bunch of LQ posts or such. I "like" posts that I really "like," plain and simple. I've never seen that as being a bad thing. For me personally, HQ and HQ-witty members get more post likes, and that works. It still reflects on how overall likable the user is regardless of what the person said that garnered the "like" -- whether it's a wrestling discussion, review, live discussion, debate, or a joke.
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  20. :yay:

    But I'm not liking your post on principle. :tough2:

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    Just know I like it though. <3
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