Spoiler Post-Mania RAW predictions?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by C.M. Shaddix, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Here's my brain:

    Styles comes out to cut a promo on his loss until Finn Balor's music hits, he's then blindsided by the balor club.

    Goldberg returns and him and Brock have a fight that only last 2 minutes but is way better than Mania 20's fuck fest. Golderg is back to right the wrong he made in 2004, challenges Lesnar to make it up to the audience to what happened over a decade ago.

    Baron gets pushed.

    Bayley debuts.

    Ambrose or Reigns turn heel.

    Well that's my head for tonight! Lol
  2. It's gonna be boring.

    Idk, Joe/Balor may debut. Enzo & Cass probably will, and mybe Bayley. Hopefully Cesaro returns.

    The Authority will still be in charge, even though it ran its course at WM30.

    The Wyatts probably take out Lesnar till July.

    Roman will stay face and we'll get him vs HHH at Payback.
  3. Triple H vs Stephanie - oh yes. It's now time for the blame game.

    New challenger for Roman Reigns. Brock is next in line based on the way Heyman is estatic. Don't believe me?


    That was cryptic, if you don't realize.

    Undertaker cuts a promo at Vince. Or Shane or vice versa.

    Styles goes after new challenger or Jericho being a dickhead and cuts a promo bragging about his win.
  4. It's gonna be better than Mania, there's your prediction. :smirk2:
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  5. Here's my brain on drugs:

    Styles and Y2J continue to feud all the way to 2017 for round two of the Canadian Barney Rubble vs the Redneck Messiah.

    Razor Ramon returns and challenges Hulk Hogan to a street match in the ghetto.

    Zach Ryder gets pushed.

    Naka Debuts.

    Ambrose turns female.

    Thanks drugs!
  6. AJ/Jericho feud continues
    Joe/Balor Club/Bayley debut
    Random as fuck but Sting appears??
  7. Dang I'm the only one who believes that we'll be shocked tonight?

  8. For one, there's all sorts of rumors about various NXT guys that may make their debuts so I guess we'll have to wait and see...

    Other than that, I say:

    a) KO demands, gets his rematch and wins back the IC tite. Idk, can't see Ryder holding on to it...

    b) Kurt Angle returns...

    c) Vince will cut a promo, gloating and all only to receive a tomstone by Undertaker..."I did your dirty work Vince, but the Undertaker is no one's bitch"....

    d) Roman turns heel, most likely attacking Dean...
  9. I doubt it'll be boring, post Mania Raw is always fun even if it's just for the crowd.
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  10. Agreed. And if they don't end up chanting 'WE ARE AWESOME', then it'll be even more fun.
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  11. I'm hoping for Anderson and Gallows with them teasing AJ as the third man before calling up Balor. Corbin will probably unleash the bantz ( I think that's what the cool kids call it) for a certain midcard title, Joe will be H's hired gun also Enzo & Cass because well he's 7 foot tall.
  12. Finn is supposedly not going to be on RAW tonight. And, I definitely don't see him joining Gallows and Machine Gun if Styles is meant to be the leader/part of the group. Unless the plan is for Finn to take over as the new leader if they decide to go that route, which I doubt.

    Oh yeah, I hope Joe and Enzo and Cass debut tonight!
  13. In all seriousness, I expect something in the form of legend shenanigans. Cena will probably start feuding with uhhh... is there anyone left? lol I really don't know what they will have him do right now. My guess is Sasha will make an appearance and get some pops, a one on one match may happen ORRR Baley may debut since Brie... well, Brie will probably have a speech with her sister and retire. I am not expecting nothing major... hoping Shane sticks around. Idk. I'll watch just to see what is going to happen but if nothing big, I will probably take a few months away from WWE again, just wait for Seth and Cesaro to return.
  14. Talked out over with Spot earlier, there are definitely some things that could make it good.

    We both had the same thought that Shane controlling RAW could still happen since Vince never said he had to win.

    Ambrose and Trips could be a thing now, and since he doesn't have the belt he could do what Leanar didn't: put Ambrose over in a big way. I also proposed Ambrose could feud with Orton, Orton is established and credible. A win over a heel Randy would be almost as good as HHH. Either way, Ambrose needs a winning feud.

    The debuts/returns already mentioned.

    So yeah, could be good. Maybe even great. Still doubt I'll watch it live.
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