Royal Rumble Post or Mention Dope Royal Rumble Moments

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Doesn't necessarily have to be from the Rumble match. Just anything throughout the night.

    Shoutouts to Bray nailing sister Abigail outside the ring and Reigns spearing Ziggler
  2. Still trying to find that spear to Ziggler :emoji_cry:
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  3. FOUND THE SPEAR I love how Dolph floats to the ground
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  4. Anything involving Roman and Reigns.
  5. - Big Sexy returning
    - The end of Bryan/Wyatt
    - Lesnar being a beast
    - The cementation of The Shield splitting up soon
  6. That suicide dive to sister abigail spot. :fap:
  7. Lesnar picking up the Big Show with relative ease initially and then launching him up for the F5 was soo dope.
  8. Wish there was a better video. Still beast.
  9. When Randy and John stole eachother's finishers. Awesome.
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  10. [​IMG]

    I still need a fucking gif of DZ getting decleated by Reigns
  11. You see that outside drop kick to the head Roman did as he came down when his number was called.? It was badass, thought you might like that since you had a gif of it in your sig, like, FOREVER
  12. he did it last night? must'ave missed it
  13. Also, I find it funny nobody gives a FLYING FUCK about Kofi (pun intended) and his "get back in the Rumble" antics. Cole was having an orgasm when it happened I think. Then he saved himself AGAIN. I believe I heard them call Kofi the human highlight reel. I bet RVD is jelly
  14. Yeah, his number got called and he runs down and nailed someone on the ropes before he climbed in. I was like Shiiiiiiiiit
  15. Kofi is just boring as shit. Nobody cares about not getting eliminated because we know soon after he will be *gasp* eliminated

    I'll probably re-watch the PPV outside of Cena/Orton soon. Reigns is a bad motherrrrrrrrrrrr shut your mouth.
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  16. Cesaro needs a push. Just for his uppercuts and swing.
  17. I marked hard for Rusev last night. I knew he wasn't going to win or anything, but damn did he clean house when he came down. Only NXT guy I think???
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  18. Yeah, same....marked for Rusev because he's a beast in the making...I want one of the Real Americans, Swagger comes to mind, to feud with Rusev
  20. Dat long as hell swing by Cesaro was pretty great.
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