WrestleMania Post-Rumble WM card predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. No fantasy booking, at this point in the game what do you THINK will unfold?

    Main Event: Reigns vs Lesnar vs Bryan.
    WWE completely steals last year's booking and goes for another 3 way because why not? He's DB and the fans want it. I'll say Reigns somehow wins, and Rollins cashes in on him.

    Rusev vs Cena
    Poor feud and match, nobody cares

    HHH vs Sting
    HHH should be wrestling someone younger. The match will be slow paced but likely sound, and the build should be fun.

    Rollins, Kane and Big Show vs Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan

    Wyatt vs Taker
    Complete shot in the dark because I can't think of what Wyatt will be up to at this point. Good chance Taker doesn't wrestle
  2. Soo many possibilities.. I have like 8 in mind that could potentially happen, perhaps even 9.

    HHH vs Sting
    Lesnar vs Reigns w/ Rollins cashing in
    DB vs Sheamus
    Ziggler & Ryback vs Kane and Big Show (I like the chemistry that seems to be developing between The Show-off & The Big Guy)
    Rowan vs Harper
    Bray vs Taker
    Miz vs Sandow
    Ascension vs Usos
    Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

    God forbid they leave Cena out so I'll go with Cena & Orton vs Rollins, Rusev w/ J&J Security on the side.
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  3. Forgot about Sheamus, and we both forgot about Orton.

    Orton will be involved against the Authority somehow, right? I wasn't watching when he got put out, didn't Rollins do it?

    Rollins over Orton could be a nice win for him before cashing in later
  4. I think Rusev vs Ryback is more likely.
    Everything else is on point though.
  5. Yeah I edited mine to include Orton and Cena you read it before I got to it though.. idk your triple threat prediction could very well happen I mean WWE loves to recycle ideas haha.

    Assuming Cena & Rusev will be going at it for Fast Lane I imagine Cena would have to win to make Rusev vs Ryback make sense, you can't just have him go over Cena and then downgrade the opponent (in the WWE's eyes rather) to Ryback for the Stage of Immortals.
  6. Who is Cena wrestling if not Rusev?

    Rollins could make sense or even Cena vs Lesnar vs Reigns if DB doesn't get added.

    Seems like a lot of guys are going to get left out and/or dumped into a shitty 5 on 5 match of some sort
  7. Hopefully nobody. Or maybe HHH, assuming we get Sting/Taker instead.
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  8. I would say HHH, but that's for Sting. Good question unless they do some lame shit like Cena Vs. Kane and Big Show.
  9. Dean Ambrose is also left out of the WM predictions we've made so far... how to fit him in as well? Continue him vs Bray, or maybe him vs Rollins.
  10. HHH vs Cena would actually be awesome. I'd love to see smug HHH promo'ing against cena and hopefully going over him lol. Likely wouldn't happen, but HHH is a big enough kayfabe force that you actually have a feeling Cena could lose
  11. That's what I mean with guys getting left out. Barrett hasn't been mentioned either. Wyatt is looking to be a complete afterthought in most people's expectations. Shit could unfold a lot of different ways, sort of intriguing. Although WWE will surely find a way to make the lamest match ups possible
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  12. It'll be interesting to see how Fast Lane is going to change the scenery as well as the build ups to both Fast Lane and WM.. They have so much talent that they push aside for other feuds.. times like this kind of make me want a brand split again.
  13. Main Event: Lesnar (c) vs Reigns w/ Rollins cashing in (add in Bryan, because Rollins cashing in on Bryan would be epic... but hey lolwwebooking)
    Nikki Bella (c) vs Charlotte
    Sting vs Triple H
    The Usos (c) vs The Ascension vs The Dudley Boys vs Star and Goldust
    Rusev (c) vs Cena
    The Miz vs Mizdow
    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
    Cody vs Goldust
    Bad News Barrett (c) vs Ziggler

    Midcard could be stacked if they do it right. I'm not sure about the tag division, but that 4 way could be fun. Cena vs Rusev is probably happening, and Cena building up the midcard would be great.

  14. That Quadruple Tag match would be very interesting to see played out.. having the Ascension go over there and Star and Goldust turning on each other in the process would be very nice.
  15. Sting vs Triple H
    Brock vs Reigns (Bullshit)
    Cena vs Rusev (Bullshit)
  16. Yep. I'd probably just do Ascension vs Dudleys at Fast Lane, and then put them two in this match. Star and Goldust turning would be cool, setting up a great match.

    In my haste, I didn't realise I listed them down twice. One or the other, I guess... Assuming they want to make it one of the bigger Summerslam matches, do it then. If they don't have too many ideas, do it now and I can mark out seeing the return of Cody Rhodes.
  17. Sting vs HHH, Orton vs Rollins, and Cena vs Rusev have been rumored for months and it's pretty evident they're all happening. The only rumored plans I've heard for Bray Wyatt is that he's scheduled to face the Undertaker, but that all hinges on whether Taker works Mania this year or not. (If you've seen any recent pictures of him, he already looks like he has one foot in the grave for real, so... I'd rather he didn't.)

    Lesnar vs Reigns is now official, although the annoying backlash over Daniel Bryan losing the Rumble may force their hand again where they'll feel obligated to insert him into the title match and make it a triple-threat.

    The Usos vs The Ascension for the Tag Team Titles, maybe Nikki vs Brie for the Diva's Title, maybe a multi-man (ladder?) match for the Intercontinental Championship (Barrett, Ambrose, Sheamus, Ziggler, etc.), etc. People are counting on seeing Miz vs Sandow, but the Wrestlemania card this year is gonna be stacked and I really don't see much chance of them fitting that match on the show. Save it for later, I say. The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal will probably be the annual pre-show match for every year from here on out.

    The match limit for the main card the past several years has been eight. Last year there were only seven matches. So one or two of these will most certainly end up on the pre-show.
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    Main Event for the WWE-WHC: Reigns vs Lesnar.
    - Or, they might add Bryan to that mix to calm the fans down... Heck, Cena as well. Because Cena'll be like 'LOL, I never got pinned, therefore I deserve another title shot at Mania.'
    Reigns/Bryan wins and Rollins cashes in on him afterwards.

    - HHH vs Sting

    - Ambrose vs Rollins. This feud needs to culminate at Mania, they can do Rollins/Orton stuff at the Memphis Grand Prix called Fast Lane.

    - Mizdow vs Miz (if the card isn't stacked)

    - Wyatt vs Taker - This has clusterfuck written all over it, no matter the outcome and the match would likely be of that same 'quality'.

    - Wyatt vs Bryan? If Taker vs Wyatt doesn't happen and if Bryan doesn't get added into the ME.

    - I've no idea what Orton and Sheamus will be doing. But there have been rumors about them doing Orton/Wyatt and Sheamus/Bryan.

    - US Title: Rusev vs Cena (most likely) or Rusev vs Ryback

    - IC Title: BNB vs DZ

    - The Usos vs The Ascension

    - Nikki vs Brie

    - The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    - Harper vs Rowan (if the card isn't stacked)

    - Cody vs Goldy

    I may have forgotten someone. Wrote this off the top of my head.
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  19. YES! YES! YES! If they're not winning championships, give us 20 minutes of Bryan vs Ziggler. Face vs Face. Match of the Year confirmed m8s.
  20. this is when wrestling and twitter makes no sense.
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