Post Show Ranking. Smackdown April 20th

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Okay boys and girls gather round! It's time for another episode of Post Show Ranking. For those of you who read my previous PSR you know whats coming. For those of you that didn't here is a quick explanation. After every RAW and every Smackdown I rank the wrestlers that appeared based on what they did and their matches. Raising or lowering their "stock". This as a way to rate each and every show and what each wrestler and or diva has going for them at the moment. Let's get going.

    UP: Daniel Bryan - Bryan started of the show with what was the best promo of the show. He talked about choking the world at MITB and that he intended to do the same at ER in Chicago. AJ then came out and they played of each other brilliantly. Bryan continues to be the best thing on Smackdown at the moment and continued drawing heat like a boss as well as chiseling out his place in the main event in WWE. He might not always be champ, but I think he will be a constant in the main event for a long time. He then took part in the shows 6 man tag main event and showed that he was on a roll both on the mic and in the ring. Even though Bryans team lost the match Bryan was not the one to be pinned and thus we see Bryans stock continue to rise from this Mondays RAW.

    DOWN: Big Show - The living snooze fest that is the Big Show continued his reign as IC champion on Smackdown this week. Pulling double duty in both his own match against Alberto Del Rio as well as taking The Great Khalis place in the main event after Cody Rhodes took out Khali before the match started. In both matches it was obvious that Shows opponents had to carry the match as Show proved once again that he is past the time when he could really draw in a crowd in the ring.

    UP: Darren Young and Titus O'neil - The two former NXT Rookies made their official debut on Smackdown this week as a tag team. Facing of against the Usos as well as mocking Teddy Long before that. Young and O'neil showed just as good chemistry as they've shown on NXT as well as good tag team skills. I also like the fact that they made their intentions clear to be tag team champions. Just this little thing raises the tag team division if just a little bit out of the ashes. I also like the fact that they seem to portray fun loving Heels. Something we haven't seen in a while.

    DOWN: Mark Henry - Mark Henry showed that he still got it in the main event but the fact that they fed him to all three faces on the opposing team. Giving him all of their respective finishers lowers his stock. It still builds him as a tough guy that it took three finishers to put him down but still. They fed him to the wolves when Rhodes was the heel to take the most beatings and thus logically was the one to be pinned.

    UP: Ryback - Ryback continues his squashing of local talent. This is just his third match so it hasn't gotten to stale yet but if they don't find a feud for him soon I fear it will. A minor set back was that the England crowd wasn't sure what to do with him. He still delivered well in the ring and showed that he has what it takes in the ring to be a mainstay.

    Notable mention of the episode: Antonio Cesaro making his backstage debut signing a contract with Ace. Will we see him in the ring soon? I hope so.

    That's all for this time peeps. Feel free to discuss below.
  2. I agree with all except Ryback tbh, he needs to have a match with a member of the roster to move up imo.
  3. I agree completely. Bryan showing his talents on the mic and in the ring and Big Show putting on boring matches are things I'm already used to by now. I like the debut of Young & O'Neil, I liked their team on NXT and they will probably help the tag division as you said. Mark Henry was more of a filler, they don't know what to do with him, and since he was the one without feuds that's probably why he was pinned. I like he needed the three finishers though, and no just three finishers, three finishers that always end matches (Brogue Kick, WMD, RKO). Ryback I also agree, good in the ring and all, but if he doesn't start at least squashing relevant talent or gets in a feud he'll flop quickly.
  4. Agree with all - Even though Ryback is squashing I'm becoming quite a big mark for him.
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