Post show ranking. Who is up and who is down?

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  1. Saw a similar thing on Bleacher Report and figured I'd try to do it. Basically after every RAW and Smackdown I will rank every Superstar that appeared and had ring action depending on if their stock is up or down in my own opinion. Plan is as stated to have one of these after every RAW and Smackdown. If a pay-per-view is the day before a RAW expect a bigger Post show ranking on tuesday wrapping up both RAW and the PPV. Alright...Let's do this.

    UP: Santino Marella - The Milan Miracle might mainly be a comedic character but he has continued to hold on to his US title since getting it just before Wrestlemania. He is also along with Punk the only fighting champion on the roster currently since he has defended his title three times since acquiring it. One of these times in a triple threat/handicap match against Ziggler and Swagger. He also continues being popular with the crowds.

    DOWN: David Otunga - Otunga has stepped up his ring work since his time in the Nexus but he is still relatively green in the ring. Something that can only be rectified by more time in the ring and training. It is also somewhat clear that creative are at a crossroad on what to do with him. Last week he faced Cena in the main event and this week he lost to Santino in a US title feud. I think both we the IWC and creative know that Otunga ain't ready for the main event but why have him squashed by Cena if you want him to appear to be a serious threat to Santinos US title reign?

    UP: Lord Tensai - After two weeks of squash matches Tensai finally got a real match. And in the main event vs Cena none the less. Not only that he also won the match. Granted he needed help from Otunga and Sackamoto but for a heel such things doesn't really take away from the victory. It also shows that creative actually has some idea of what to do with him.

    DOWN: Dolph Ziggler - The completely insane booking of Ziggler continues this week. His match this week didn't even get a proper chance to start before it was interrupted by his buddy Swagger giving Ziggler a loss via DQ. Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers on the roster currently and is yet being booked like a joke.

    UP: Daniel Bryan - Bryan showed why the crowds loved him this week in London. Showing of his charismatic and entertaining heel character as well as renaming his finisher in a great backstage segment with AJ and Kofi and then putting on a great match with Kofi later on in the show. The crowd absolutely loved Bryan's "Yes" catchphrase, and anyone who think it's going anywhere anytime soon is sorely mistaken.

    As a extra note I would also like to say that Kofis stock also went up. Despite a loss to Bryan he also delivered in the segment if not to the same extent and then he put on a great match with Bryan. A feud between the two in the future would be great to see and would help cement Bryan even more in the main event and possibly elevate Kofi into it.

    Enjoy the read guys and discuss. I'll see you this weekend for a Post show ranking of Smackdown.

    Keep on trucking.

    DOWN: Cenas post-mania slump continues this week with a loss to Lord Tensai in the main event of RAW. Three loses in a row puts Cena way down in stock.
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  2. Good thread and I agree Santino despite being overly comedic at times pulls the crowd inclufding the older generation somehow! I feel it's cause it's literally just cause despite it being so stupid it is kinda funny plus it's massively harmless so if ur with ur son at the WWE event well u can get behind it as a laugh.
  3. Really cool idea actually. I agree with all you've said, especially about Bryan.
  4. Thanks for the positive response so far. I'll try to keep this a weekly thing and maybe even put out some special episodes if NXT or Superstars puts out a stellar show.
  5. Wouldn't mind the NXT and Superstars updates as dont watch them often as dont get time etc.
  6. I never watch all shows during their original airtime since I live in Sweden and it would imply me staying up until 4-5 am. I usually catch smackdown live since it is on a friday but I like to keep a decent sleeping pattern during weekdays due to University and I dont want to live like a complete bachelor frog. NXT and Superstars become my lunch or dinner TV and Raw my evening movie on tuesdays after whatever I do during the day (nowadays my final paper). + side to writing my paper, no classes meaning I can stay up later and catch more shows live. + I work better during the night.
  7. Wish I even had time to watch them with work hitting 70+ hours a week I really don't stand a chance as sleep and seeing mates has to slip in there an all.
  8. I suspect that come summer my time to watch wrestling will have to be scheduled in since it looks like I'm going to get a summerjob at the local Zoo/themepark. Still Everything is possible. Considering I've been able to mix getting c-b standard grades for three years in college, have a social life, work at bars and watch wrestling I say LML. Learn from the pro boyo.
  9. Emphasis on 70+ hours a week mate! Most of them nights or overnights or lates so hard to see ppl! Before u start with the boyo! :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Awesome thread - it'd be cool if you did this weekly.
  11. THIS as I said I just don't have the time to watch SD, RAW, NXT and Superstars.

    I'm down to just RAW atm which obvs don't seem a loss but I love wrestling so need my time even if it's crap.
  12. Thats the plan Crayo. Thanks for the comment.
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