Post some potential new PPV's.

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  1. We've seen some odd PPV's recently, Fatal-four-way, Capital Punishment, Hell in a Cell, some weird ones becoming its own PPV's. With the recent news CP is going, what others could replace it?

    Post some original ideas :emoji_wink:.
  2. What about King of the ring having it's own PPV?
  3. how about a superstars ppv, where we get to see a lot more matches than time spent on drama?

    Call it, wrestlemania* since the *means its worth seeing. Not even trying to be a dick, just want to see santino not vs ricardo in a tuxedo match, see a preshow match that ends in a countout, or ONE ME where it ends with a pinfall that doesnt include 8 extra people like its some epic battle. MITB does look awesome so far though. In fact, i think the ppv coming up soon has every belt having to be defended, but take out the bs and cal it something like WWE doesnt do Days of our lives.
  4. Yeah, promote the show no one watches and ask people to pay to watch it. You must have a degree in business son.
  5. Battle for the Best.

    Full of mid-card/upper-mid card feuds only. A great way to get over new talent, also donate all PPV funds from this PPV to charity.

    See new talent and help others!

  6. :haha::haha::haha:

    they have a hard enough time selling PPVs with the main eventers in it
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  8. What's weird about Capital Punishment? It's a very cool PPV name.
  9. The fact they spell Capital 'Capitol' :dawg:
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    It was in Washington, so that's why it was done.
  11. I'll think of a PPV name but...

    A main event with 10 people. Starts off with two in the ring, every time someone gets a pin another competitor enters. This could be a great chance to give mid carders a chance at a title match main event.

    On whatever show gets the match, they can have a tournament on their weekly to decide who gets the final spot in the match, getting rid of the meaningless matches.