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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Post video clips of WWE/WWF footage which you think is the perfect segment.

    Posting this one for simple reasons. You had Vince play his role absolutely perfectly, you had the perfect timing of Austin who cut an equally good promo on Vince, you then had the perfect introduction of Paul Heyman who -- as always -- cut a fantastic promo, and then you had the perfect ending which everyone wanted, a spear to Paul Heyman and an announcement for a huge feud (Goldberg vs Lesnar).

    Your go :emoji_slight_smile:

  2. Great promo to build up one of the greatest matches of all time between two of the greatest of all time at the greatest PPV of all time
  3. Kanenite95 took mine dammit.

    That interview between Austin and Rock was just perfect. The whole complete video package they showed of the Austin-Rock buildup at WM17 was also perfect. And the match itself was one of the best, with a great ending, despite Austin's heel turn failing in the long run.
  4. :cry:
  5. Agreed, nice post.
  6. [yt][/yt]
  7. Nearly posted this one in my OP for a more modern view, but chose not to. Was awesome.

  8. Cena leaving, what more could you ask for.
  9. For him not to come back the following week. :annoyed:
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