Post-WM RAW Predictions & Rumours Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. Judging by the past couple of years, this episode of RAW is huge with returns, swerves, etc, and some people will be looking forward to this more than Mania itself.
  2. WON:
  3. I think the big return will be sting although that will technically be a debut
  4. And of course, the Raw on 4/7 will mark the Raw return of CM Punk........


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  5. If Bryan is champ, Punk returns and Shield split it will be the GOAT crowd
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  6. That Raw's gonna be great.
  7. Well, there's the rumor (as stated above) that Sting has signed with the company or is about to do so soon, and will appear on Raw the night after Mania to begin a one year build for a match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. Take that one for what it's worth.

    If they want to jump right into Bryan/Batista's rivalry and get Orton's title rematch out of the way, they could have Orton cash in his opportunity for another shot at the title in the main event of Raw instead of at Extreme Rules. Having Bryan's first title defense headline the post-Mania Raw would be a cool idea, and the match could be billed as the final chapter in the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton saga. And at least we wouldn't have to suffer through another PPV with these two facing off with each other again. (More than likely, we will, though.)

    I don't watch NXT and thus aren't aware on who could be getting groomed to debut soon, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one or more new faces brought up to the roster. The period after Wrestlemania always feels like it's technically the start of the new year for WWE since Wrestlemania is what everything is building towards all year round, and they often hold off on debuting new blood to the roster until after Mania to give a fresh feel. No idea on who it could be, though.
  8. How would you feel about the Authority stripping Orton of his rights to a rematch as punishment for the fact that he "let them down again", maybe even "firing" him?

  9. I'm more looking forward to Triple H's promo where he eats his words and admits that Daniel Bryan proved he deserves a run with the belt.

    Hoping for no NXT call-ups. I'm perfectly fine with Sami, Adrian, Paige, etc. staying down there. If you want Bo Dallas, though...... :otunga:
  10. This is why I have a feeling that he tries to screw Bryan out of the title but somebody from the back/crowd/etc. comes out and keeps him from doing it. That way they can avoid the "HHH eating crow" in favor of "HHH blaming 'mystery guy' for the screw-up in the title match". This could also lead to Vince's return to announce that "mystery guy" is his guy and start the build for the "mystery guy'/HHH match at Summerslam.

    I read somewhere somebody suggesting that they'd leave Bo in NXT until he became the first 2X NXT Champion. This, frankly, seems silly to me. The guy's a heat magnet and would have no problem getting heat in WWE. I see him being brought in within a month or two of Mania, with the idea that he'll feud with Seth Rollins or Big E going forward (maybe he makes a Mania appearance or costs Big E the IC title shortly afterward....I don't know).

    All I know is I'm a Bo-Liever :bodallas:.

  11. I'm expecting a Sting promo somewhere in the show, probably in the first or beginning second hour.
  12. Spoiler fucking alert bro.
  13. That show is already sold out actually it sold out in January
  14. Not surprising.

    As mentioned earlier, this is usually one of the best Raws of the year.

  15. You came into a rumor thread about the RAW after WM and you didn't expect spoilers? Stop.
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  16. I'm expecting some sort of alert to tell me this. Why do you think there's a spoiler prefix. Not arguing and don't reply back then it'll just start another argument.
  17. It's called a rumor thread for a reason though. You can't just go wandering into here not expecting rumors.
  18. This seems a little too fantasy-booking-y to happen, but it would be a fantastic way to go. It avoids the Triple H face turn (and therefore keeps Steph all sorts of :gusta:-worthy), it gives a kayfabe explanation for Bryan to still have the belt and someone else for Triple to get pissed at, while making this show a big deal by bringing back Vince. Awesome idea.

    I cringe every time I read "callup" (unless it's a surefire, can't miss talent like Wyatt) after all the fun characters we've seen on NXT be called up to be worthless on the main roster. And specifically with his character, aren't you really concerned about how he'll do, how people will react, how he'll be treated, etc? If he gets called up the way he is people might be confused. Maybe they should do it like they did on NXT, they try giving him a little push as a face just for it to flop hard and give him a boatload of heat by the time he turns heel. (You know, so he doesn't turn into Emma.)

    But with the majority of fans now being able to watch NXT, maybe Full Sail's rabid heat can already get him over? Who knows. All bets are off in this post-Network world. Bo-lieve in that. :bodallas:
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  19. I actually think the best way to bring him up is to rehash the old "blue chipper" gimmick they handed Rocky when he started and give him a quick "face" run as the U.S. or IC Champ, knowing how quickly the fans will shit on it.

    Once they have, then you can have him play the same oblivious "I'm really a face" character he plays now. I think he's got the chops to pull it off.

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  20. Wouldn't that devalue the midcard titles even more than they are now? With the merger of the two main titles, WWE probably wants to make the midcard titles look like a stepping stone like they were back in 90s WWF. Giving it to Bo wouldn't signify anything, as he's nowhere near championship material, and although it could help set up a character, it'd do more harm than good.
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