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  1. Please spoiler your images or face the wrath of my showstopper! Ballinnnnnn

    The feature at the top where the Chrome icon is that says "Access the Internet", that's strictly for Sony Vaio users only. You can't get it any other way, guarenteed :smug:
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  3. You use Safari on windows? That browser any good?


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  4. :mog: I-It's the Hero of Time! He has come to save Hyrule! And I'm sure Xanth would like this too
  5. Ya'll lose.

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  6. If pictures Buckethead>yours
    If icons then :okay:
  7. I'm glad you like it.
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    ....I beg to differ. Running from my Asus desktop computer.

    One of those scrolling icon features is stupidly easy to get for any windows computer.
  9. I'll like your desktop Stopspot.
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    inb4 windows is not genuine. Appeared like 5 mins ago.
  11. That's a really nice wallpaper, link me to it.

    Think that's it. I usually just google HD wallpapers lol.
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    haven't changed the default background since i got the computer
  15. love how you have all the files around the side :boss1:
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  17. Yes and no. On cold boot, it's amazing, but the web pages load a tad slower than Chrome. The functions are more better than Chrome though in terms of user-friendly tools.
  18. I beg to differ, that is called rocket dock.. The featur I use is called Vaio Gate.
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