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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Classic thread. Thought of changing my desktop around at 5:40am to avoid the thought of forcing myself to sleep. So yeah, share your desktop pics.

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    Please spoiler your images:
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  3. God that's messy.
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  4. I know, Only had it for 2 months. Should really clean it up.
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  7. How do you make the taskbar go to the side?

    Edit: Nvm, Found out.
  8. Dat space wallpaper. I'll post mine when I get home.
  9. Jan 2012, how did you even find this Adam o.o
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  10. CM Punk wallpaper swag (open)
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    Casually browsing through old threads and asked Crayo if I could bump it.
  12. Windows XP. Not swag.
  13. I know. :christian:
  14. I hate XP, I used it for years and despise it.
  15. Trying to upgrade to 7. :happy1:
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    I don't clean my room, but my desktop is pretty damn clean
  18. h-here I go.

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    Love Roger Dean's art, learned about him through Yes.