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  1. Obligatory GOATs: of course everyone loves Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Nas, and older school stuff Wu Tang (especially Ghostface and GZA), Big L, NWA, Run DMC, Eric B. and Rakim, Public Enemy, ect.

    Besides them I love MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Lyrics Born, Gangstarr (RIP Guru), Jedi Mind Tricks, E-40, Brotha Lynch Hung, Molemen, Common, Jeru the Damaja, Mobb Deep.. I'll stop there for now.

    My friends make fun of me for being mostly a fan of East coast stuff and they all listen to primarily west coast shit. As you can see I'm not a big fan of a lot of recent rap, I think 99% of the main stream shit that comes out is steaming garbage these days, but you can still find good shit from the underground.

    List the rappers you like. Note that I'm a rap elitist (imagine that) and I will make fun of you if you list Lil Wayne, Drake, or anyone similar.
  2. I kinda like Freddie Gibbs, know a guy who bums off him like mad so it comes from there I think.
  3. He's not terrible by this generations standards


    From what I've heard at least, which isn't all that much.
  4. special ed
  5. Nice list, Dolphs. I'm mostly into Sene, Young L, Slaughterhouse, BlackStarr, Hollywood Holt, Big Sean, Evidence, Atmosphere, Clipse, Pharrell, and Blu (if you havent heard of him, amazing west coast rapper with soul beats, he also is Godlee Barnes...producer for people such as Sene) MF doom, Ludacris, and David Banner. Mostly into Rapper/producers, and i know i missed a few in there.
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  6. Glad to see someone else into MF Doom. He has been my favorite rapper for the longest time along with Aesop Rock. He is just flat out amazing. Good list overall, and yea, I've heard of Blu (he's from So cal and I listen to mostly Bay Area rappers if I'm going to listen to WC rap) but he's good. I definitely like his beats, they remind me a bit of a lot of Common's beats which I love.
  7. Yo DOlph, what do you think of this guy?

  8. N.W.A.
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    Ice Cube(solo)
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    Thugnificent(yes I know he isnt real but I still like it)
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    Public Enemy
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    Beastie Boys
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    Run DMC
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    Saul Williams
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  9. Never heard of him, I'll give those vids a listen later tonight or tomorrow
  10. Ignoring mainstream goats.

    Mic Righteous
    Tech N9ne
    Blizzard will be good
    Harry Shotta
    Mac Lethal

    Sort of mainstream
    Dizzie Rascal (fag now though, his grime was sick)
    Royce Da 5'9
    The Game
  11. Crayo try out the rapper I just posted.


    my fav rapper is me
  12. Kid sounds whack imo. I can't relate to a young Asian kid talking about bitches and dicks. I'm more into real rappers.
  13. Really Juiced on you knowing him, i guess it isnt that big of a deal being in Socal, but around here i get a stupid look, or get asked if im talking about the chick from "hit em up styles" or whatever the fork that is. When i was living in Grass Valley, i was supposed to go to a show with my friends, but bailed because of the lineup. They forgot to mention Del the funky homosapien was there, and ended up meeting him/getting his autograph/smoking and hanging out with him for an hour before the show. Was a pretty bitter camper when they asked me who he was and if i'd ever heard of him on their return. Man i miss cali.
  14. I'm from the Bay Area (Hayward) not So Cal. You know how we are about the battle lines drawn between Nor and So Cal lol.

    How'd you end up in Wisconsin if you're from CA?
  15. :true:
  16. Im from wisconsin, just moved out there with friends for a couple months...harvest...and came back for Xmas, and decided to stay after meeting an awesome girl and getting a bar managing position for way more than i should have been paid. Now, that's all over, and im saving up to get back to Cali, the plan is next May/June. My bad on the line crossing haha, ill make sure to get it right from now on.
  17. lol it's no problem I just had to clarify. That's tight though, where you thinking about moving if you come back? Back to Grass Valley or somewhere else?
  18. Well said Aids, well said
  19. My buddy still lives in Nevada city, so i'll probably look into that area depending on his living situation. I'll most likely go in the end of July/early August now that i think of it. Do some work with friends, and take it from there. He is thinking of finishing college in San Fran, so if he heads that way i'll probably roll there and start school with him as well, because im a follower like that. Seriously though, Whatever gets me out of these horrible winters/humid summers will make me a happy camper, and id really love to get to see the music scene there, as i can probably get work at a hotel/bar no matter where i end up...since ill have to wait for a year (residency) to get back to finish school myself.
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