Post your ideas that can make Bryan a star.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. This is a similar thread to my surprised thread, but Bryan could have come off better than he has with this story. Sure, he's the main event and is the most over guy in the company by a mile, but to be honest he was already that before this story (maybe not the ME). The being screwed story has gotten stale, so what could they do to make it more interesting?

    For example: A backstage segment where he trashes HHH's office after being screwed which further paints him as the anti-authority figure this storyline so desperately needs. Perhaps cutting more mature jokes/insults in his head-to-heads with HHH? I think it just needs more attitude.

    Little segments like that. What sort of ideas do you have?
  2. I don't see Bryan working as anti authority. He doesn't have that edge. He's a more clean cut good guy than say Punk. Some more intensity could definitely be used. A main problem with this story has been that Bryan vs Orton has almost been secondary. It seems like its only just now that their entire issue is getting personal. And that is what is needed I think. Cena and Edge got made through their rivalry becoming personal and intense. Same can apply to Orton and Bryan.

    I do agree that he needs to show more intensity. But I don't see him working as the anti authority guy, rather as the scorned good guy out for revenge. Take away the typical WWE babyface mode and make Bryan vs Orton/HHH personal.
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  3. Yes lock on Vince while HHH is being restrained by Show.
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  4. Doing the Vince v Austin storyline with HHH v Bryan was, in hindsight, a terrible idea. Bryan doesn't have that edge to his character like others - Punk would have been perfect for the role. Bryan's promos have been limited and short and he's been totally sidelined by Big Show. I hope this ends at SS, which looks likely with a 5v5 match, and Bryan comes out with the title allowing him to regain momentum lost since summerslam.
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  5. I think he's not being really aggressive, that would help. Also he seems to have gotten kinda lost in the shuffle these days with Rhodes and Show and whatnot.
  6. To be honest, I think a haircut and a shave would be a good start. He's not part of a comedy tag-team anymore and it's getting difficult to take him seriously. In fact, it's been difficult for a while now.

    Booking-wise, I think he just need more spotlight. His presence seems to have faded a lot lately. At this point it's easy to forget he beat Cena clean at Summerslam. That was a huge victory, but it all kind of came to nothing. I was glad when Cena took some time off, but a proper feud with Cena would've been the best thing to solidify Byran's rise to the top.
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  7. I think they should have used Brie more, since Randy's been targeting her. Maybe they could have had Orton fall for some kind of trap with Brie and have Bryan get revenge on Orton for all the beatings he's taken.
  8. I'm probably in the minority, but I think they did everything right with Bryan. He is so over that it's nuts. As for the future goes, i'd immediately remove him from that Brie storyline. I get they are married but that to me isn't interesting.
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  9. Bryan's not really suffering in terms of star power as Danny said, but he needs more focus as part of this storyline. The guy needs more mic time, more rage about him being screwed... most Raws I watch the only talking he seems to do is to cheerfully yes his down the ramp every Raw despite the Corporation doing everything in their power to keep him down, more typical little-dude underdog talk, some storyline elements that won't make it seem that if Bryan wins the belt it won't just get ripped off of him the next day...

    Still, it looks like the plan is to have Bryan win the Rumble so he can grab the belt at 'Mania. Great!
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  10. If there's any chance that Bryan doesn't have the WWE title come January and enters into the Royal Rumble match, then Triple H and Stephanie can try to ensure that Bryan has only a minuscule of chance of winning by offering 1 million to anyone that eliminates Bryan from the match. But Bryan wins, and as a result, Bryan decides that it's only right if he gets the money for himself. So he steals it and then tosses it into the crowd. Maybe he even shows a video on the titantron of him earlier in the day giving some of it away to random people in the streets. (And yes, I'm thinking of how Mankind stole the Corporation's money in '99.)
  11. I have to agree with Danny and Rain that Bryan hasn't suffered at all here. I think he could get more TV time, but, right now, his TV time seems to be more like the main star gets on Raw. Cena didn't have to be in every segment, so there would be episodes where the only times we would see Cena would be when he came out for the main event segment. That's basically what they've done with Bryan lately. He's not the WWE Champion, but he's definitely being treated as though he were. With the path they've taken us down, the only thing that would get him "more over" would be him winning the title at Hell in a Cell and captaining a team at Survivor Series, which I think is what will happen.

    As for the Rumble, I think Bryan will win the title next Sunday and carry it all the way to Mania. I also think CM Punk will end up winning the Rumble. I have a feeling we might see Punk vs. Bryan for the WWE Championship at Mania.

  12. Daniel Bryan takes over the WWE as the owner
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  13. Would absolutely love for him to do a 180 and go all corporate. Give into the corporation, cut his hair, shave his beard, stop with the yes's and go back to the more aggressive character he was building post WM-28. Just love swerves like that.

    Obviously that's not going to happen, oh well. I'm quite liking his Main Event push anyway. The only two real things that are holding it back are his lack of aggression and for the most part shit supporting acts.
  14. You can't take someone seriously because they have a beard and slightly long hair?

    What would change other than him spending less time grooming in the morning with a haircut and a shave? I guess he can also see slightly better out of his eyes as his hair doesn't get in the way?
  15. I think his point is that since his beard and hair was linked into the comedy tag-team he was involved in with Kane, it obviously reminds you of his previous gimmick. I'm not saying by removing his hair and beard will make him benefit... hell, it may even effect him in doing so.
  16. I say keep the beard, it gives him something different that most WWE stars don't have in terms of looks. Without his beard, he looks a big generic sometimes, although I suppose the long hair could change that.

    To make him a star, I say have him break into HHH's house and going through his stuff, mocking him and finding ridiculous stuff(will leave it to WWE to take the joke how far as they want). Have him make a burial reference, come out with a shovel and say no matter how many times HHH will try to put the dirt over Bryan's head, he'll come back over or something along the lines. I would lol if Daniel says HHH can't keep him down, because no matter how many times you pedigree him, he'll rise up like the Ultimate Warrior or something like that, just a mention of that match will make me mark.
  17. His beard and hair is linked to him in general, not just his Team Hell No days. Its all been apart of his immense character progression. Taking that away because it isn't "believable" is so silly, especially considering the fact the story arc he had after Team Hell No split was revolved around him thinking he wasn't believable only to overcome that match after match.

    The only way I see him taking it off now is with a full-fledged heel turn, as I stated in my first post. Otherwise, it seems we're stuck with Daniel "I was once in a comedy team, how am I supposed to be taken seriously with this hair?" Bryan for quite some time.
  18. All I meant was that his current look makes him look fun and shaggy. A hair cut and a shave would make him look a bit more serious, like a fighter. But that just IMO.
  19. What the fuck is this bullshit? Are you people retarded? Bryan is a star. Get over yourselves.

  20. He's over but a star? I doubt it. We're talking him being on the Cena level at least. He isn't there yet.
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