Post your irrational fear !

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. Simple thread been awhile since we had it I think.

    Post your irrational fear.

    Mine would be SPIDERS.
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  2. I share the same as you, Cloud.

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  3. Lol I can't stand them with all the legs and wiggling about. Makes me such a soft arse when I see them. Usually brief though as I run out of the door.
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  4. Spiders man. I run out of the room so fast you think I'm black.
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  5. STDs
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  6. bees
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  7. Definitely Spiders.
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  8. roaches
  9. Didn't expect so many spider ones to pop up.

    Bring it in, Guys. *opens arms*
  10. Clowns... FUCKING CLOWNS!

    Thanks a lot Stephen King!
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  11. My gf has that one!

    Plus a girl I work with does, and when Ronald McDonald came to visit she broke down an cried for an hour it was insane.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I don't have it quite that bad... whenever I see a clown, even on TV, I have to grit my teeth and turn away..

    How some people find them funny or entertaining in any way is beyond me.
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  14. Thank you @Senhor Perfect, I knew some asshole would take advantage.. =)
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  15. Had to, just to make you feel better I'll put this here:

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  16. Heights.
    Whenever I'm in a tall building I damn near piss myself when I look out the window...
  17. Waking up to Lord Sidious
  18. Fear is for pansies.
  19. Birds- specifically Crows and Seagulls.
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