Post your PC uptime

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Was just looking at Task Manager and noticed how long my PC has been on, so because I'm bored I posted it.

    What's yours? Do you never turn your PC off or turn it off every night?


  2. Cant be bothered screenshotting, 2days 21 hours.
  3. It'd be different if there was pizza for the longest! :win:
  4. My laptop has been on for 4 days though?
  5. 4 days for a laptop? :dawg:

    It must have a good cooling system, or do you have a coolpad for it?
  6. It sits on the couch lol. Dunno what cooling system it has either.
  7. I never used to turn my old one off, it must've collected a time of about 4 months lmao.
  8. Really? Wow. That's like the #1 source for over-heating, sitting on a soft surface when the fan is totally blocked of air.

    Wow :boss1:


    Unless it's water cooled your motherboard would of melted after 4 months.

    Or did you put it in hibernation?
  9. I used to just hibernate it every night, never turned it off as such.

    Is uptime when it's actually on and not hibernating then?:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Yes :dawg::dawg:

  11. my laptop is on every second im awake. when im asleep i put it into sleep mode. It doesn't get turned off, just get's reset after a few days of those fucking update notices saying 'bla bla bla restart now'

    dont know how to find up time o.o
  12. I always turn mine off after I finish using it, the only time I ever leave it switched on overnight is if I'm downloading.
  13. Task Manager > Performance tab.
  14. 20 minutes, yeah all suck my epeen.
  15. I don't get it as my laptop says it's only had over a day uptime yet I've had multiple FM game saves of over a a week. WTF?
  16. 3:11:59:46
  17. Fail troll is fail.

    Try harder clown-shows.
  18. Sorry for huge size but just to show my current FM12 game time of 19 days and my laptop uptime!


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  19. Still fail at trolling.
  20. How a fail when I just print screened them both son?
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