Post Your Reaction When Kelly Kelly Was Released.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I simply made another thread because we don't want to react on BLFFL, but only to the fact that KELLY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

    Mine was:

  2. Honestly... I was like "That's news?" Who cares! She didn't want to wrestle to begin with and she SUCKED at it! She was like the groupie of the divas. Slept with half the locker room over her 6 years there. I want to watch REAL women wrestlers! Not "ex-models".
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  3. I was going to put marry me, but when I searched it I found your picture :shock: still great points, you got a future here kid, you're going to the next big thing :smug1:
  4. It's sad news.

    It is always a big deal when a televised superstar leaves the company. No matter who it is.
    I'm not going to be happy about her leaving, because that would mean the same as laughing at the money WWE is losing on her leaving. She is good for merch, appearances, etc.. That's not happening anymore. A loss for WWE which is bad for the company.
  5. You weren't wappy withit? :((

    Honestly I felt the same way without the "That's News?" part because I was helluva rejoicing!


    Good-hearted Jose. :haha:

    I'm OK with your opinion. :tough:
  6. Can't change the way I think. :pity:
  7. Lackey's<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Mine
  8. My prayers have been answered - Michael Cole
  9. I burst into tears. The very thought of my favorite WWE Diva leaving the company was too much for me to handle.
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  10. [​IMG]

    is this some sort of Pokemon porn? if so, link?
  11. My first thought was... How in the world are we going to fill those 2 min. on raw each week!
  12. Parody of Party Rock Anthem
  13. Well that's a boner killer
  14. Sorry :sad: there aren't any that good...well in America, I'm sure Japan has some of that good ole pokeporn
    Show Spoiler
    Japanese Logic
  15. It's probably cartoons though. The thought of a live action pokemon porno is hilarious and unexpectedly arousing.
  16. Look up cosplay pokemon porn then :true: :hmm: will still be better then Chyna's WWE porno...
  17. Looked it up out of curiosity and a bunch of nude redhead Misty lookalikes popped up.

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