Post your Slammiversary Card Predictions!

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  1. Here's my little dream Slammiversary card.

    1: Chris Sabin vs Zema Ion. Bring back the X-Division already.

    2: Devon vs Pope: I don't care who it is, as long as it isn't Robbie E, Rob Terry, or Garett.

    3: Bully Ray vs Joseph Park in a Street Fight: This has to lead somewhere.

    4: Tag Team #1 Contender's Match: Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs Samoa Joe and Magnus. Since apparently TNA doesn't have rematch clauses. Winner gets the shot on the Impact after Destination X, which will be treated like a PPV.

    5:AJ and Angle vs Daniels and Kazarian: Confirmed match is confirmed, Angle really feels out of place here though. At least he's less out of place than Anderson (guess that's Angle's character now, to come in to succeed where Anderson fails)

    6: Queen of the Mountain Match: Gail Kim vs Velvet vs Brooke vs Mickie vs Tara: They need to bring back the KOTM, but this isn't the year to bring it back for the World Title. Gail's run through everyone on the roster, so this is easily the best option to bring it back. I'd have Mickie win, just to freshen up the division.

    7: Eric Young and ODB vs Crimson and Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Tag Belts. Short match, ends in a ref bump, Crimson hits EY with a chair to pick up the win and set-up a storyline of Eric Young literally having some sense knocked into him. After the match, Crimson throws the belts in the trash. :steiner:

    8: Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode. It has to be Aries after Bully Ray put him over the way he did.

    If there's enough time, there should be a James Storm Promo Segment as well.
  2. I won't get my own hopes up by posting a dream card, rather I'll post my predictions of what the real card will be.

    ME: King of the Mountain: Roode, Storm, Sting, Hardy, & Anderson
    Tag team titles match: Daniels/Kaz vs AJ/Angle
    Bully Ray vs Joseph Park
    Devon vs Bigger Rob for TV Title

    That's really all I've got. I've been enjoying Impact but they have been dragging their feet as far as building towards the PPV. I would expect that for a filler PPV, but for Slammy 10 it's disappointing.
  3. This won't be a dream card, just what I think they'll do for the show:

    - Roode(c) vs. Storm (w/stipulation or gimmick)

    - Kaz & Daniels(c) vs. Styles & Angle

    - Austin Aries(c) vs. Jerry Lynn (the return maybe, since he retires this year)

    - Queen Of The Mountain (Gail, Mickie, Velvet, Tessmacher, Tara)

    - King Of The Mountain #1 Contendership (BVD, Hardy, Anderson, Gunner, Crimson)

    - Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park/Abyss (w/sick gimmick)

    - Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting (legends battle)

    - some TV Title stuff with Devon defending against decent challenger like Williams or Pope)
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