Post Your TREE!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. If you have your Christmas tree up, post a picture of it! :otunga:
  2. Uhh.... Post your candles then! :otunga:
  3. I don't decorate.
  4. Not at all? No lights or anything? :why: :upset: :sad:

    I love decorations... Its honestly just an excuse for me to make everything sparkly. #girlproblems :lol1:
  5. I see no need since I'm currently in university and I'm not in my apartment during Christmas itself. I always go home to my parents over Christmas anyway and they decorate. I find it unnecessary to decorate a one room apartment to then go away and come back when it is time to take them down if you catch my drift. I have an advent block candle and one of these:
    in my window and some red curtains basically. Everything else would feel like wasted work. No room for a tree either.
  6. That's understandable. I wouldn't decorate either if I wasn't going to be home to enjoy it.
  7. [ have an advent calender, a crap artificial tree and some tinsel. Now we're all older my mum doesn't really bother
  8. Yeah my mom stopped going all out as me and my brother got older. He still lives with her and my dad, but the only thing they do anymore is a tree and thats about it. Use to do the house in lights, decor in every room, ect.
  9. Sounds similar to what we had tbh, our entire house was covered on the outside which made it stand out... Lol
  10. My dad use to go all out on the house every year. He would decorated all the way up to the attic windows. It always looked nice. They don't bother anymore now. He's too old and works all the time and my mom has a bad back and knees so she don't wanna do it either. lol
  11. Cool shed bro
  12. I googled it.
  13. :facepalm: Punk... :facepalm:

    No one has a Christmas tree!?
  14. I was actually going to make a thread about this. :willis:

    I do! :yay:
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    My mom really loved the idea of the theme "Candy Christmas" or Sweet Christmas, something along the lines, so we went with it. Since my favorite color is blue and stuff, I decorated my room with blue Christmas deco's. Might post later but right now I'm a bit lazy.
  15. I will not be putting one up this year. :cry:
  16. Whhhyyyyyyyy :upset:
  17. Well since no one has trees or wants to post pictures (aside from Lady, thank you!) of their trees, post pics of your Christmas decor at least.
  18. I just moved to this new town last month and too tired and burned out to do get anything else. :sad:
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