poster for No way out revealed.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Looks like AJ and D-Bry will still have something going on during No Way Out. Kinky.
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  2. What the hell :emoji_stuck_out_tongue::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    That is so friggin' awesome!
  3. This guy is so over. I do not think he is completely out of the main event yet.
  4. Looks like old school western porn.
  5. They surely can't take him out just now? At this time he is currently the most over superstar besides Cena. The fans make so much noise he is out in a match/promo, whether it is boos, cheers or YES!'s..

    On a side note I'm loving AJ at the moment, don't want to spoil it but going by this week's Smackdown I love the way her character is going. Also looks like this fued will last until No Way Out going by the poster.
  6. YES! YES! YES!
  7. I've never come accross old school western porn, but I think even I would struggle to crank the shank to that.
  8. OMFG! THIS EPIC! Maybe this mean AJ will turn heel and Bryan will go back to being a face? B/c Bryan will get B.Bella his real girlfriend to be his kayfade girlfriend!?
  9. You mean nothing will change Randy.
    Unless AJ becomes a psycho.
  10. The Bellas are rumored to be leaving the WWE at the end of April so it seems highly unlikely. At least the Bella part.
  11. Awesome poster. Bryan's really over now, and if Bryan and AJ's storyline continues until NWO it's OK.
  12. This is so god damn epic. I love this poster.
  13. I'm gonna print this poster out and put it up in my apartment
  14. God AJ is so hot in that picture. Every time I post I get aroused by her, and a wee bit by Bryan as well :/
  15. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I'm sorry, but it's horrible.
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  16. We think the same. :gusta:
  17. Re: RE: poster for No way out revealed.

    Was thinking the same tbh.

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  18. It's a work of art, just look how kinky AJ is!
  19. Looks like porn AJ having Daniel tied up lol
  20. Finally another person agrees.
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