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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Danielson, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. WHen i use the attachment feature, every photo of mine comes up as an error. Is this a known issue? Is there an alt method to uploading photos to the site because even the insert image code at the top isn't working :-(
  2. What's the error? Also, why does the IMG tags not work for you? What happens when you use them?
  3. Firefox...

  4. Yea, don't click the button. Write the img tags yourself.
  5. I've tried it on every browser. Ie. Firefox and chrome. Ill give you an example in the next post
  6. Code:
    [img]link to image[/img]
    For the time being write them directly if you want to post images and get errors. Be nice to have screenies of the errors though.
  7. insert attachment -

    Insert Image

  8. Ok I got the insert image to work but i'm still having problems with attachments which is not a big deal if one of them is working. Thank you for the code.
  9. Does clicking on the little image icon for img tags work now?

    Not sure about the attachment error, might be why our image verification image was messed up though (see my last status).
  10. Yes crayo the image icon is now working. Thank you for the swift response.
  11. No worries, did you do anything to fix it? Or was it just random?

    Also, what browser do you use?

  12. I'm guessing Xthreads is responsible for the attachment problem.
  13. I noticed the problem the first day after we migrated up until last night. Just before I posted this I tried and it was not working so I did a hard reset on my laptop and restored it to factory settings ( Probably an easier way to go about it but it worked)
  14. Maybe it had something to do with the migration and when I did my hard reset it erased everything on my hard drive. I have no idea but it works now and i'm happy haha
  15. Oh and i'm sorry I didn't post in the last post but I tried it on three browsers last night and today with no success until the goo picture.
  16. Attachment test.

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