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  1. Prob me being stupid if so sorry @[Crayo]

    But u can see top poster a day through stats and ur posts per day on ur profile but is there a way to see ur posts for a day?

    Like this?
  3. NO! that shows me all my posts I mean a figure like the top poster as I want to know how many posts I have for a day. When I see u on 149 i then wanna know what I'm on so that I can see how far behind I am so say 130!

    Make sense?
  4. Oh yeah I see, no, MyBB doesn't have that, we'd need a plugin. I really want something like this too, it'd be easier to host competitions.
  5. LOL I was expecting u to say it was somewhere haha.

    Would be cool as we know ur the top poster most days but be nice to see where we all rank.

    Understand if MyBB don't do it so fair enuf.
  6. I'll speak to Anon about a post activity plugin. Though he's busy with stuff atm but I don't think it'd be too hard, when he's free he might be able to get us one :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Nice one boss will be cool as I'm sure somedays I'm like 5-20 posts of u so gives us a motivation to beat the mighty @[Crayo]
  8. Could have a current top 10 highest posting users of the day. Could also have post-activity where you can see where you've posted today/all time, like 100 posts today in the wrestling sections etc.
  9. This. Anything tbh to show how far ppl are away from the top poster reckon it'll encourage some friendly competition.

    As I know it gets close as days I beat u must be tight knit.

    Just that extra incentive plus adds to the spammer award! :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. I usually just count it from all my posts if I ever need to. It shows 20 per page so just add up 20 + 20 +20 per page..
  11. Way to difficult to do haha!

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