Potential 3 team trade in the works between Orlando, LAL, and Cleveland

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. According to Bucher they are discussing this.

    LAL get: Howard
    Cle gets: Bynum
    Orlando gets: Varajo (must be expiring I'm assuming) and probably Cleveland/LA's draft picks for the next 20 years

    Lakers with Dwight, Kobe, Pau, and Nash? lol, damn. That would be awesome to see, even though I love Bynum, Dwight is still better at this point.

    It would suck to see Bynum stuck in Cleveland though, but he would probably just leave after next year and make the Cavs look even dumber than they already are
  2. They've discussed so many of these that it's hard to take them seriously. If this is true... Great job, Orlando. At least they'll keep their pick near the top of the draft.
  3. Awful deal for everyone but LA IMO.

    1.) Orlando needs to use Dwight to help shed some of their awful contracts (Hedo, J-Rich, Q-Rich, Duhon). Bringing in Varejao.. you may as well get nothing. He is a league average PF, and is being paid 9 million per for the next 3 years. Yuck. I'm sure they will get first round picks galore, which means nothing from LA and maybe something nice from Cleveland, but they surely had a better offer on the table from the Nets? I'm not a huge fan of Lopez, but he is a better option than what they are getting now, plus New Jersey was going to take some of the previously mentioned awful contracts from Orlando
    2.) Cleveland is giving up (again I'm assuming) a lot of potentially very valuable draft picks, and IMO there is NO CHANGE IN HELL that Bynum will re-sign with them, and he is on the last year of his deal. You are giving up a decent PF and picks for a one year rental of Bynum? why?

    Once again retarded GMs are happy to bend over and help the Lakers.
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