WrestleMania Potential Change to the Tag Title match at Wrestlemania

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  1. Read more: http://www.pwmania.com/backstage-news-idea-discussed-change-wwe-wrestlemania-29-match#ixzz2OnfKKa00
  2. I hate to steal Heyman's joke, but shouldn't the losers get AJ?

    Edit: I read this as "Winner takes AJ" not "Winner takes all"

    I was confused as to why anyone would want AJ
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  3. 0mG YaY :yay:

    Seriously though, this will be pretty lame if it's true. Knowing WWE, this probably means a 10 minute match with Aj pinning Kaitlyn or vice versa. Which also means Bryan and Ziggler not facing each other in the match all that much, and once again instead of the match/storyline revolving around ZIGGLER or Bryan, it'll probably revolve around AJ. Lol.

    Big E being in the match is already bad enough. I really hope this isn't true.
  4. Then again, I probably won't be watching Mania this year so I don't even know why I'm bitching :haha: :okay:
  5. that would be wicked sweet if that were to happen I will be watching it to see who wins
  6. They might as well just give Kaitlyn, AJ and Kane to Ziggler as well. IMO getting burdened with more deadwood is just what he needs.
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  7. If they add the ladies at least the men will get protected in the match. Kaitlyn would be likely to eat the pin.
  8. Nothing will make DZ look better than winning the tag titles by.... AJ pinning Kaitlyn

    fuck you WWE
  9. They already have women on the card (8-people tag match with fatasses and Scholars) don't they?
  10. That's what I thought, as far as them having Divas lined up already with the Bellas and Funkadactyles or whatever they're called and however you spell it. Maybe they want more Divas added, but none of them will be in singles matches?

    Either way, this just sounds like another stupid and boring move by WWE.
  11. Will they really do two mixed tags since tons of funk and the funkadactyls will wrestle the rhode scholars and the bellas?
  12. I wondered about that, too, but like I said maybe they want more Divas on the card, just not in singles matches.
  13. Then have AJ and Kaitlyn valet then. AJ can costs Hell no the belts and Kaitlyn can clobber her after. Setting up a match at ER.
  14. Yeah, as much as I don't like them being involved in it, that would at least work better and make more sense. Not this stupid and pointless two mixed tag matches crap.
  15. Still dont get how the WWE can add two girls who hasnt wrestled a match (last weeks match isnt a proper match) to their main PPV :facepalm:
    I expected a good storyline between this two and then at Summerslam ,Aj would get the title and turn twener/face but not this crap,and since its AJ's hometown..I can see her as new Diva champ
  16. I think it's a poor decision if they go through with it. I really don't want this match to be more about AJ being mixed in, and I reallyyy don't want to see AJ be the one who wins the tag team titles for Ziggler and Langston.
  17. Whether AJ wrestles in the match or not she will be the focal point of everything, at least the finish & aftermath.
  18. I think that's great! AJ should win.
  19. It is not great, the focal point should be on Ziggler. You know, a possible future "star"? Not a ''diva'' who's already pretty over.
  20. If this happens any credibility DZ has left will go an we may as well forget the MITB briefcase cause even if he cashes in it just wont seem realistic will ruin his push. (Whats left of it)
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