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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Out of all the guys on the NXT roster, who do you see as most likely to flop once they make it on to the main roster?

    Personally I think Ohno could flop. He seems to have recently found his mojo but up until the Regal feud he seemed really unmotivated and didn't bring his A game. Hopefully he keeps finding his groove otherwise he might become a Low Ki and get released or not connect with the crowd as well as he can.

    Who do you see as possibly flopping?
  2. Bo Dallas....whoops, that already happened. :jeritroll:

    In all seriousness, because of all the pressure being put on her as the "saviour" of the Divas division, I think Paige has ge flop potential. She can try to do too much and it can backfire big time. I hope I'm wrong, but at her age it'd be easy to let the pressure of the big stage and bright lights get the better of you.
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  3. Bray may struggle to transfer his awesomeness to the next level, PAC may become another Evan Bourne. If Ohno was close to being released it would have been interesting to see how he reacted as it would show how big being in the E is for him.
  4. Yeah, Paige. I feel sorry for her already. She should've been born maybe 10-15 years earlier, but even in the attitude era women's wrestling was no place to really shine.
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  5. Her lack of character depth is going to be what really harms her on the main roster I think. Once the anti diva thing wears off then what?
  6. She could improve over time... let's not just assume that she's going to fluke out right away and disappear, never to be seen again.
  7. True she is very young (not even 21 yet) so she definitely has the time to improve. But people are putting too much stock in her right now. She's in developmental and people are already claiming that she is going to save women's wrestling all together. She is a talented wrestler but I think she needs to work on her character more. Because once the novelty of the anti-diva wears off she is going to be left just like all the other divas with no real character.
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  8. Sad thing is, divas aren't really allowed to have a character or storyline. I'm not writing her off, but she definitely has the deck stacked against her, whether she improves or not. After all, this is the division that buried Beth Pheonix. Character and wrestling ability didn't help poor Beth.
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  9. People really expect Paige to change anything in the divas division? It's a fun story, she has talent, is young, beautiful, ect, but really? The divas division is still gonna divas division
  10. You should check out the NXT section at WrestlingForum. They are so far up Paige's ass that I don't know whether to be jealous or call them delusional.
  11. That's like thinking Britney Griner can make the WNBA relevant. She's a beast, but still, nobody gives a fuck lol. Just the facts of life. Women wrestling has exactly zero mass appeal.
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  12. Exactly. Women's wrestling can be good. Promotions like Shimmer and Shine prove that. But both those cater to a small niche market. There is little to no mainstream appeal in women's wrestling.
  13. hope Ohno doesn't flop

    but I can see Bray flopping though (I hope he doesn't either). Leo Kruger is another guy too
  14. Since Graves is currently touring with the main roster, I would say him. I don't really like him much and it doesn't seem like too many people like him either. His gimmick right now seems like he's a little CM Punk clone.
  15. I've actually seen a lot of support for Graves. I like him as well. I see him working as a cocky, arrogant underdog face.
  16. :hmm: Maybe it's just me then. :dawg: We'll see after his feud with Shield. :smug-47:
  17. I've seen very little of him but Graves IMO is a hack.
  18. Protip: You shouldn't :true:
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  19. great post ryan :yes:
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  20. Aww shucks :yay:
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