Potential HUGE spoiler for Monday's RAW *SPOILER...maybe*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/162u26/so_heres_the_plan_major_spoilers_for_raw_and/
  2. Rock winning at RR :upset: , part timer as wwe champ , after wm --> part timer as wwe champ
    CANNOT BE :maybe:
  3. If true. I will mark.
  4. A part-time wrestler as champ is going to lead to very low ratings for Raw between PPVs when there won't be a champion present.
  5. If it's for the title, I wouldn't really be too happy. If it's not, then sure. It would still be a waste but I can't sit here and pretend I wouldn't mark like a child.
  6. I know I'm a Punk fan anyway, but honestly I still just can't get on board with the idea of a part-time champion. That would tick me off regardless of who is involved. Let someone have the title who is there week in and week out.

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    Speaking of which.....

  7. One thing that gets me about this fued - are they really willing to risk putting Rock in a fued with Lesnar? But anyway, I'd mark like hell.
  8. Lesnar is stiff, not dangerous, lol.
  9. Yeah, but he's potentially gonna leave him battered and bruised and I doubt that will go down to well at his next movie shoot.
  10. I definitely like this, but it shouldn't be for the title.

    Part timer VS Part timer for the WWE title is just stupid imo
  11. They've worked together before. In sure there's a mutual respect there, don't really see the point of them feuding, but if its ratings they want, it just might work.
  12. I so much prefer seeing this at WM than Rock/Cena 2 and HHH/Brock 2.
  13. Does lesnar respect the WWE? :bury:
  14. Who gives a shit if he does or doesn't? As long as he entertains, I'm good.

    I don't watch Football or Baseball games wondering if the players respect shit, I just want to see my teams win. Same deal with Wrestling.
  15. Yeah this catches my eye for nothing else but Rock selling the arm break.
  16. I would hate if some player of the team I support , just plays for the money and doesn`t respect the club .. Same deal with Wrestling
  17. Re: RE: Potential HUGE spoiler for Monday's RAW *SPOILER...maybe*

    Say that player leads you to win the championship would you care?
  18. :pity1:
  19. :pity:
  20. This is the worst news I've heard this year (6 days). Rock vs Lesnar already happened, so it's not anything new, and both are out of their true prime. Sure they can both put on a decent match, but both of their matches last year were just that, decent, nothing to jump for joy for. Vince should be more mad at creative than the roster. There is phenomenal underutilized talent on the WWE roster who just need some good storylines to jump start their career. Storylines that could involve either Rock or Lesnar. There is no better way to put over the next guy than to have him beat the past guys and I'm not talking Cena or CM Punk because those guys are established and I don't think either of them will make it to the next 10 years. I think I would mark more for Ryback vs Lesnar and Rock vs Ziggler than any of the older guys fighting them because they've already happened. Rock & Lesnar will draw a crowd regardless of who they fight, and it is up to WWE to carefully select who their opponents will be, so that we can have new superstars who can have the following to draw in the ratings Vince likes.

    Then again the report could be total bs and I'm ranting for no reason.
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