WrestleMania Potential Pre-Show Title Match Planned

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2013.

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  2. Good job WWE, keep one of your best workers off of the main show. *clap clap clap*
  3. Has he not already beat Truth surely they can come up with a better opponent.They should just retire the belt tbh.
  4. The US title belt actually has some momentum now in my opinion. Would prefer to see the IC retired right now if I had to pick.
  5. I agree but the IC title is synonymous with wwe more though and they should concentrate on making that title more important.
  6. That's crazy talk, if anything get rid of the US and WHC. Elevate the IC to the #2 belt where it belongs.
  7. So the guy who is consistently entertaining and matches i look forward to aint getting on the main card. Utter trash if this happens. Put 3MB on the preshow.
  8. Antonio Cesaro in the Pre-Show? :upset:
  9. Didn't this match happen on PPV twice already?
  10. The match would be awesome, Truth may win for once and for all to Cesaro
  11. Antonio already had a feud with R-Truth and he beat him many times, could it be that they are planning on putting the title on Truth now?
    Plus, Cesaro should never be on pre-shows, when are they gonna get this?
  12. Why do they always keep Cesaro off the main show :/! I'd prefer to see him against Sin Cara anyways, Cesaro makes him look fantastic.
  13. Truth not again .
    Bring back Christian .
  14. Put Clay and Tensai on the pre-show with 3MB. Cesaro is too good for the pre-show.
  15. Those two shouldn't even wrestle at wm .
    Cesaro could open the show
  16. They shouldn't but at least if they're on the pre-show then they won't be on the actual show.

    Cesaro Vs Sin Cara Vs R-Truth would be a better Wrestlemania opener IMO as Cesaro and Truth have already wrestled multiple times before. Either that or the IC Title match should open Wrestlemania.
  17. Add Miz and a heel to the equation and I would dig that
  18. I think Miz will be a part of the IC Title match where he will win to be honest.


    I think Miz will be a part of the IC Title match where he will win to be honest.
  19. Truth is apparently injured again according to reports from the house show circuit.
  20. Rock vs Cena should be on the preshow, just for teh lulz or Taker vs Punk. I honestly don't care what's on the preshow tbh, I'll watch it and class it as my Mania card anyway.
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