Potential Randy Orton heel turn?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Asskicker, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Randy orton attacked Big show at the end of Smackdown. I know you guys are probably going to say oh yeah this is for elimination chamber but I think it can also lead to a heel turn for Wrestlemania.
  2. I doubt it he's the most over man in the E. The people won't boo him. If any one turns it will be Show.
  3. Yeah it might be Show for Shaq at Wrestlemania
  4. I heard Show attacked him?
  5. The only way to turn Orton heel at this point would be if he started backing out of fights
  6. Even then he'd be cheered. He needs to do that and hit someone super over. I think a feud with Punk could turn him heel. I'd love to see that.
  7. Actually Randy shoved him first and then big show pushed him back harder and than Randy jumped on him trying to do something similiar to how he does a Lou Thesz press lol
  8. Would love to see Orton as heel once again!
  9. Well I think I know the cure for insomnia.
  10. Way too many heels on Smackdown, plus Orton is the main reason why people tune in for it.

    Not going to happen.
  11. That's my Randy Orton line!
  12. Lmao sorry. I use it for Show too :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Orton isn't turning.
    Show will be if anyone, for his match against Shaq.
  14. You're quite funny my friend, if someone were to be boo'd in the WWE between Randy and any superstar it would definitely not be Randy, he gets cheered like hell and no it's not a heel turn for him but it's a possible heel turn for Show.
  15. Orton isn't going to turn. Orton is pretty much the only reason I, and a lot of other people watch Smackdown. I couldn't carealess about anybody else on the smackdown roster besides Hunico and Dibiase.
  16. ... Maybe Randy could walk down to the ring, slap hands with the fans and look up and flash a toothy grin

    ... after that he could walk back up the ramp screaming how excited he is
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