Potential RAW Spoiler

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 29, 2012.

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  3. Boo it is.
  4. Turn the guy face and let him show his personality, Swaggie's a chill guy.
  5. Swagger face turn, see him saving JR or something, will hope that they'll get him out of the jobber state and bring him back as a great wrestler. He deserves it, plus he is a former world champion.
  6. Swagger is a all american american american american AMERICAN.
  7. I wonder what would happen if they made Swagger into a monster type cause if he returns as a face i can see that going as stale as Sheamus' face run
  8. GIVE SWAG MORE TIME!!!!!! Swag vs Cesaro ('merica vs outsider) for us title could be his welcome back to the team. Seriously, that match would be awesome.
  9. Yeah America! Fuck Yeah!
    It'd be perfect for Swagger.
  10. not much of a spoiler lol
  11. Fuck Swagger, don't see why so many people here like him so much... he's bland as fuck.
  12. It'd be great to see him turning face by saving JR and then challenging Cesaro for the title.
  13. I agree sort of. He's overrated I think mainly because he's not used. He's terrible on the mic and doesn't have like any charisma. But he's a fantastic wrestler so would be great for the midcard, nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Cesaro vs. Swagger (as a face, of course) for the US Title would be epic.

  15. ... Really? The one thing the midcard needs is a personality and actual charisma/entertainment. Sure, both of them in the ring will equal a fantastic high quality wrestling encounter, but I'd probably rather listen to a 10 minute Vickie Guerrero promo than any of those two.

    A good technical wrestling match will not get you over as much as a solid promo.
  16. Face turn? I consider tht likely since its a return in his hometown.
  17. I have early DB to prove that theory false. C'mon u know better u optimistic.
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