Potential reason why AJ turned on Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by leojay, Dec 18, 2012.

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    And for revenge she fucks a black man and Mr. Spaghetti Hair. God fucking damnit.
  2. Why would this cause AJ to turn on Cena? It's a relationship from the past.
  3. I think they should go with her being a sex addict and unable to control herself. Put her off shows for two weeks call it "rehab for sex addiction" and have her come back less slutty and her one focus to be tearing up the divas division until she is champ doing anything to win.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Kissing addiction then. She still comes across like a man whore even if it is PG!
  6. That would be an interesting, reality-based storyline but I don't think they can do that. Would be nice to see though. As far as why she turned, well, AJ's storylines always suck and this one will just be another one, so whatever.
  7. from the past? They are to currently together in real life right now.
  8. Did you see boogeyman and ric flair return last night
  9. Sex addiction is doable under the PG rating system.
  10. It is? :hmm:

    But I don't think they'd be able to do it with the product directed towards children and stuff.
  11. They still wouldn't be able to do it because of their sponsors though right? After all, Bryan did get fired for spitting on Cena and choking Roberts because of their sponsors :dawg:
  12. If done in the right way and with the right approach they could.
  13. The reason A.J turned on Cena is because Cena told the world that he will not kiss A.J again. I think.
  14. When did he say that?
  15. Jk on that part. I do tend to that in the random times.

    Yeah, A.J be mad that Cena didn't want to give the D up. :pity:
  16. Probably the Bell Twins thing. I mean, it is still possible for them to come back for an appearance and cause some shit, right? Idk.

    All I'm saying is that thank freakin' god AJ/Cena is just over with.

    I'm not a fan of her and Dolph but Dolph hates AJ's guts and that's already has more depth than AJ/Cena ever was. We'll see how it goes, though the likelyness of it sucking is high up on the roster there.
  17. well To me, For some reason, it seems to come across as Cena being the heel and Ziggler being the face right now, and using these photos in the fued makes him come across heelish, if they decide to use them. Maybe Nikki will come back?
  18. Dumb reason and glad they didn't go that way tonight.
  19. It kinda' did seem that way to me too! :shock:

    Ziggler just makes AJ just a girl who's passionate and wears her heart on her sleeve and only wanted to be loved by Cena, who kept rejecting her toward the end.

    But I don't think they'll use the Bella thing anymore. If it wasn't mentioned already, I don't think it will be. There's no possible way for Cena to still be babyface if they were to use those photos because that would mean Cena would have been two-timing.
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