Potential return - Elimination Chamber

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Source: Lords of Pain

    @[RKO] :huh:
  2. RE: Christian Returning - Elimination Chamber

    Fix the title this is a potential spoiler.
    if he returns and takes out Santino setting up a triple threat at mania I will mark.
  3. RE: Christian Returning - Elimination Chamber

    If I only hear "If you close your eyes" I will jump for joy and run seven miles naked towards 7-Eleven.
  4. I would mark out more for his old theme.

    Waterproof Blonde > Story of the Year

    Edit: Thanks for correcting title @[seabs]
  5. All injured stars are backstage at most WWE events still, so him being there means nothing. He was there for RAW wasn't he? Though Santino being in the Rumble could mean Christian returning and taking him out, I'D MARK. <3
  6. LoP isn't a reliable source.

    Although, Christian would make for an awesome return... I just hope he returns as a face. I hate him as a heel.
  7. Yes, Christian is a much better face than a heel, also his entrance music suits a face character rather than a heel.
  8. Lop is a reliable source...

  9. It's a dirt sheet so it isn't reliable.
  10. He doesn't live there, so why would he be there? STOP RUINING MAH HOPES AND DREAMS!

    I find it reliable. You will all see when he returns!
    Later Marks.
  11. LoP is more reliable than any other dirt sheet.

    Christian is a better heel, most will agree.
  12. @[CM Punk] is full of himself... Kind of like Crayo when Y2J returned.

  13. Amen.
  14. Peep4Lyfe!

    #OrtonSucks @[RKO]

  15. 2005 heel Christian was one of the most entertaining runs I've seen. Why they didn't give him the WWE title still confuses me.
  16. It doesn't confuse me.
    Vince McMahon said no...

  17. Oh god I can't agree more.

    Christian can do so much more, but he's stuck with a one more match gimmick, which has gone on for too long.
  18. He needs to take Santino's place at EC.
  19. #CMPunkRKOed @[CM Punk]
  20. #thisisnottwitter @[RKO] @[CM Punk]
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