Potential spoiler: Plans for Ryback v Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. As expected.

  2. So those guys who've been feuding with Ryback may interfere..... In a Ryback match? Holy shit scoop of the year guys.
  3. As I said ... Oh btw where is Maddox ?
  4. The thing that'll spice this up is the Rock siding with Ryback clearing the ring of the Shield and Punk. Rock bottom on his cuz Reigns would be cool.
  5. Was it this week or next week that 'everyone would be talking' when the show ended?

    @Stopspot @Crayo
  6. From what I understand Vince has gone into Wrestlemania mode and wants every episode to have us talking. Cena and JR has said this one will leave people talking.
  7. This episode @Jonathan
  8. Great. Off tomorrow as I finished college work early today. Hope it's good!
  9. Didn't someone predict this earlier ? :pity:
  10. You actually going to participate in a live discussion thread?
  11. Can't wait 13 hours :upset:
  12. Lesnar should show up and legit pop Punk and Ryback in the mouth. I'd mark.
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