Potential theory for Jericho.

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  1. Jericho enters the rumble at #30 and wins without competing (the last 2 eliminate each-other). Or, he enters and wins it regardless of position (I'm convinced Jericho wins the Rumble now). Jericho then reveals the "she", then enters Stephanie McMahon. HHH is reviewing Johnny Ace's job on Monday... this can turn out in 2 different ways. The "End of the world as you know it" could be HHH, Steph, Jericho & Ace as a mega-heel stable. Or the more likely, HHH remains face and tries to get rid of Ace but Steph intervenes and Ace keeps his job. This explains all of Johnny's texting... just waiting for Steph to take over as GM.

    What now? Jericho & Steph go after the WWE title (CM Punk) and it creates a best in the world vs best in the world match at mania'. "Why would Steph align with Jericho?" Her husband was too soft to get the job done, she needed the real best in the world to finish it off. "So all this hype is just another wwe title feud?" Could be, but I wouldn't be shocked to have either WHC and WWE Champ in the stable, or Jericho wanting to unite the two titles and once again be the undisputed WWE champion.

    "Sorry, don't believe it, any other theories? I just can't see Jericho winning the Rumble" I'm equally as sceptical as WWE booking something that wonderful is unlikely. Second theory I've come up with is that Jericho continues his trolling gimmick in the Rumble and eliminates himself. when he's in the last 4 let's say. Enters as #30, people look at him for about 30 seconds, gets the crowd excited then eliminates himself. When the Rumble is completed, they take out the winner and have a speech. He brings out Steph, and announces he's going after Taker's streak. This will be SUCH a let down if this happens, as this story-line has so much potential. It can branch out in many directions though, so let's hope WWE chooses a decent branch to start the picnic.

    My two cents: The first story-line is almost definitely going to happen in some form (Jericho feuding with Punk whilst aligning with Steph) solely because of those vignettes. The "best in the world" title is his, the championship was his, he wants it back as it's "rightfully his". The reason I'm predicting something massive like a title unification or a mega-heel stable, is because they're constantly repeating "The end of the world as we know it". How do we know WWE as of right now? Two champions on two brands. Jericho with Steph could change that.

    All I can say is, thank you Jericho, for once again saving us. This was all written by me, not a copy/paste.
  2. Great post. I'm certain the first scenario is going to happen in some way aswell. Jericho to win the rumble I think.
  3. I'm hoping Jericho don't win the Rumble, but if he does, it will be scenario #1 for sure.
  4. Why would you not want him to win the Rumble? Just wondering lol. I want him to just because the potential of the story-line, wouldn't want the typical winner feuding with champion bla bla. Want something extra.
  5. Because I want Orton to win it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Lol fair enough.
  7. Noooooo!
  8. I actually think it will be Jericho winning the Rumble. Think about. It's most likely going to be CM Punk vs Jericho and WM. Two of the best wrestlers around now feuding for the greatest belt in WWE? Sounds great. I can't see Orton or Barrett winning the rumble, they will most likely be leaving the ring to fight elsewhere.

    I like the idea of Stephanie being GM, but not the idea of her being an alliance with Johnny.
  9. Hahah I lol'ed at this guy .. sorry :angel:
  10. @[Crayo] A unified title now thats interesting!

    Unify the titles to one Wwe champ and bring back the Cruiserweight title, continue building the intercontinental title and reignite the tag team division!
  11. EXACTLY! My god it's perfect right? SmackDown dontinues to be the "B" show, the IC title is used as the main event over there. Instantly adds prestige to that championship. Make it the home of the tag-team champions and have the former main eventers (Sheamus, Cara, Mysterio, Del Rio, Debiase, McIntyre, Kingston) etc all participate in the tag-team division to revamp it with some power. Along with Uso's, Epico & Primo etc. The cruiserweight title would be the equivalent to the IC title now. Perfect :emoji_wink:
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    all hail @[Crayo]
  13. I swear WWE should just let wweforums.net book everything.
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  15. Seriously i want Orton to shock his St Louis fans and win it that would be lovely from Mr McMahon.