WrestleMania Potential Wrestlemania 29 matches

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Now that would be an exciting Wrestlemania to see.
  2. With the correct build up it could really be a Wrestlemania to compete with WM28. Which ended up being the biggest buyrate in WWE history if I understand it correctly. :cole:
  3. NO CM PUNK vs. Stone Cold for the WWE Champion! Cena vs. Undertaker and Rock vs. Brock!
  4. Every match excites me except for Brock v. Rock. I personally think that is pointless. It's about as predictable as Undertaker's last 10 WM matches. They couldn't possibly find a legitimate way to make Rock win that one clean. Brock is just so massive muscle-wise that it just doesn't seem realistic for certain people to beat him. (Especially now that we know he can actually fight :emoji_grin:) People like Show and Khali are slow so it evens out the playing field for smaller opponents. That's what makes Brock interesting, there are only a handful of people that he could have legit clean feuds with that could go either way in the matches.

    Big Show: Big man v Big man. Big Show DQ'd in many of their bouts or there was *ahem* ring difficulties.

    Kurt Angle: Crazy dude at the time. The only reason it was fair throughout their feud was TEAM ANGLE. Without Haas and Benjamin there to even things out, Angle would have never had the Championship going into WM 19. However, I will admit breaking him down with the ankle lock helped.

    Goldberg: Finally a truly even physical presence, but we all know what a train wreck it was.

    Even people like Batista didn't seem as inhuman, he still had a skinnier frame.
  5. All looks good apart from Brock vs Rock for WWE title, what a god damn waste that'd be.
  6. Austin said the reason he didn't agree to fight Punk at Mania this year was because he wasn't playing second fiddle to The Rock (his exact words.) So if they market Brock and Rock for the WWE Title as their main match, wouldn't that same thing happen next year as well?
  7. Most probably. Punk vs Austin doesn't need to happen immediately anyway. It'd be better at MSG at WM 30.
  8. :dawg:

  9. Epic line up IMO, the only thing that bothers me is Brock/Rock being for the WWE title, it should be a non-title match.
  10. LOL I thought this is about WM30 . LMAO
  11. It isn't that, but only worse.
  12. This is obviously false now. Meltzer.. :facepalm:
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