Potential WrestleMania Plans for Team Hell No

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Mar 8, 2013.

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  2. Sounds good to me, and about right.
  3. To me the team is already split. I would have Team Hell No lose the title before mania and then have a one on one at the pay per view. Honestly who are they going to lose the titles to anyway, Brodus & Tensai? That sounds like something better saved for a Raw show. If they lose it to somebody like The Usos it's be a different story because they could benefit from the exposure, but guys like Tensai & Clay who have had that already don't need a mania match to take the titles, they get plenty of TV time. It would also be nice to see Dr. Shelby involved in this in some capacity since the segments involving him have been pretty good.
  4. urgghh just have them go 1 on 1 and get D-Bry away from his god awful yes/no gimmick.
  5. Who would they lose to though? Kofi/Truth maybe?

    After this Kane should go on a big winning streak to get his reputation back.
  6. Oh, you didn't know? :otunga:

    But yeah, I think they'll split at WM and have a match at ER. For me it makes sense, because we only have 4 weeks to go until WM, that's 8 plot points if you count SDs that would have to include a certain build towards a break up, a break up, and then the build to the WM match. It'd be very rushed (they could've started breaking them up earlier and then they could've fought at WM, yes, but it's not what they wanted to do I suppose) and this storyline deserves a proper ending.
  7. Who will they wrestle then? We have the possibility of 3MB, Prime Time Players, The Uso's, Tensai and Clay. Any other teams I forgot? The only team that would probably get it are Tensai and Clay. I'd like to see personally 3MB or the Uso's walk away with it.
  9. Firstly I hope its the end of Hell No as I want D-Bry as a singles wrestler again and hopefully challenging for a strap, especially if we get DZ in a title reign soon as DB vs DZ for me is mouth watering.

    Second though as is said who the hell are they losing them too? Tag division is a joke I vote for New Age Outlaws being put in charge of the tag division and sorting it the hell out.
  10. Not sure how it would mess with the face/heel dynamic, but it would be cool to see them drop the straps to Air Boom or Awesome Truth...

    Never mind, a face Awesome Truth will be terribad. Bourne should be back soon, right?
  11. Not a bad idea to split them up (they ran their course as a tag team), but the question is, what are the plans for this two after the split? Because I don't want to see Kane getting washed up and squashed by Santino Marella all over again.
  12. Time for slipt them and steal the show. Longest storyline in 2012-2013 .
  13. Book DB to kick faces in and Kane to torment some poor soul
  14. And just who will they lose it to? The broken up but still together Rhode Scholars? Sweet T and Brodus Clay? Or The Prime Time Players, whom they've beaten blind folded and with hands behind their backs?

    Some pretty credible teams here, they've rebuilt the tag team division well!
  15. They lose the belts to the New Age Outlaws, who then beat all the other teams and then laugh at how worthless the modern day tag team division is and forfeit the belts. WWE doesn't bring the titles back until they actually have a worthy division to fight over them.
  16. I just hope they don't give the titles to Brodus and Tensai, it will be ridiculous as Hell.
  17. As KL said, I'd go with the Outlaws tbh.

    And as far as what they'd do after breaking up, DB would have a character change into something good and Kane... he can put young people over.
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