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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zack Ryder, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. This Power Ranking currently are:

    #25 AJ Lee
    #24 R-Truth
    #23 Kofi Kingston
    #22 Layla
    #21 Bella Twins
    #20 Chris Jericho
    #19 Team Rhodes Scholars
    #18 Antonio Cesaro
    #17 Wade Barrett
    #16 The Miz
    #15 Tons of Funk
    #14 Dolph Ziggler
    #13 Kaitlyn
    #12 The Shield
    #11 Randy Orton
    #10 Team Hell No
    #09 Ryback
    #08 Mark Henry
    #07 Big Show
    #06 Jack Swagger
    #05 John Cena
    #04 Sheamus
    #03 Alberto Del Rio
    #02 CM Punk
    #01 The Rock

    So there's the Power Rankings.
  2. Do you even watch WWE
  3. What the f*ck do you think moron?
  4. Probably not, because anyone who watches it wouldn't like Zack Ryder. :dawg:
  5. Yo dog we canned Botty for a reason. If we want to look at retarded power rankings we'll check out WWe.com
  6. [​IMG]
  7. HEY! :bury:
  8. bro comma do you even lift question mark
  9. What?
  10. I do, stop being a troll
  11. Rock at #1? What does he do? Talk and not show up? :facepalm1:
  12. Thanks
  13. [​IMG]
  14. That scared the hell out of me when I first pulled this up.
  15. Two things bit harsh having a go at him for being a Ryder fan. Least Ryder is entertaining and its nit his fault the WWE have turned him into a jobber.

    Second well this is a wrestling forum and yes we canned botty but personally as we are a wrestling forum i have no issues with someone posting the latest power rankings, less effort on my part then having to go look at them.

    An now onto the rankings Rock at 1 despite a few absences recently wtf? Joke.
    Also Layla i cant even recall seeing her recently.
  16. To be fair he is undefeated since his return match in 2011
  17. He had four matches :dawg:
  18. I'm guessing the sarcasm was lost lol.
  19. Eww, again The Rock?
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