Spoiler Power struggle?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by mh0707, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. There were rumours before Wrestlemania 30 that The Authority and Vince would both struggle for power that would end up with Triple H facing a opponent of Vince's choice. It did not happen last WM but could it happen WM31? Felt like Vince raised the stakes at Raw last night because he wants to regain his power. Is this a possible scenario? Do you think it will be good? It could entertain me a little bit I think.
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  2. It's a possible scenario. I don't see The Authority losing at Survivor Series, tbh. But somewhere down the road, what you wrote there in your post may as well happen. I think I'd be entertained with that, as well.

    If they decide not to push Reigns to win the WWE-WHC at WM31 after all, which is something I am hoping they'll do, then Vince could choose Reigns to fight HHH at Mania, only to put Reigns over and then The Authority would be relieved of their duties. That's how it could go down.
  3. Zack ryder vs a reinstated jtg main event wm31. Book it.
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  4. Yeah, another McMahon family feud! Because we clearly haven't seen enough of those over the years.

    I'd like it better if someone simply feuded with The Authority and was so fed up of seeing them run things that they challenged Triple H to a match at Wrestlemania with the stipulation that if Hunter lost, Triple H and Stephanie were officially ostracized from having any power. Leave Vince out of it. That'd be the perfect spot to put Dean Ambrose in and make him a star, given his anti-authority persona. If only they continued to build onto his feud with The Authority up until that time. Even Roman Reigns would work well in the spot, although Ambrose would work better for the antecedent reasons.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see a "power struggle" storyline though given the rumors of The Rock vs HHH that have been rampant ever since they had that confrontation on Smackdown a month ago, where they specifically talked about how they'd love to headline Mania against one another "one last time." In this case, The Rock would end up being McMahon's choice to defend him.
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  5. My assumption is that there is more to the storyline that is not being revealed. The way Vince so casually mentioned the stipulation with absolutely no additional input and after nearly a year of people speculating that this would be a storyline... I dunno. Plus the very non reactions by Stephanie and Triple H. I am assuming that the stipulation is a McGuffin.
  6. Well, seeing as how WWE's Youtube page just posted a video about the Top 10 Power Struggles, I'd say the seeds have likely officially been planted for this angle to culminate at Wrestlemania next year:

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  7. Well my thoughts are there will most likely be one like that.
    Mainly since The Authority is very likely going to beat Team Cena and keep together
    It will almost be like Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny, the most hated team will end up being crowned winner
    Also, even if Team Cena does win, The Autthority will come back in 2015 or 2016 with different members. Perhaps the King of Swing
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