Powerslam names the top 50 wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. 1. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    2. Randy Orton
    3. Davey Richards
    4. Prince Devitt
    5. Shingo Takagi
    6. Christian
    7. Kurt Angle
    8. C.M. Punk
    9. Kota Ibush
    10. Takashi Sugiura
    11. KENTA
    12. Go Shiozaki
    13. PAC
    14. Akira Tozawa
    15. Hirooki Goto
    16. Eddie Edwards
    17. BxB Hulk
    18. Tetsuya Naito
    19. AJ Styles
    20. Shinsuke Nakamura
    21. Masaaki Mochizuki
    22. Bobby Roode
    23. Rey Mysterio
    24. Kenny Omega
    25. Sheamus
    26. Antonio Cesaro
    27. CIMA
    28. Katsuhiko Nakajima
    29. Masato Yoshino
    30. Chris Hero
    31. Dragon Kid
    32. Jay Briscoe
    33. Ricochet
    34. Mark Briscoe
    35. Kevin Steen
    36. Yuji Nagata
    37. James Storm
    38. Dolph Ziggler
    39. Daniel Bryan
    40. El Generico
    41. Alberto Del Rio
    42. Ryusuke Taguchi
    43. Austin Aries
    44. Jeff Jarrett
    45. Kofi Kingston
    46. Bully Ray
    47. Christopher Daniels
    48. The Miz
    49. John Morrison
    50. Kenny King

    Credit here. http://www.wrestlingforum.com/general-wwe/592521-power-slam-magazine-names-its-top-50-wrestlers-2011-a.html
    Thoughts on this? I'm disappointed to see Tanahashi so high he never really set the world on fire for me. Randy actually deserved to be number 1 imo I can't recall a match which wasn't at least 3 * from him the past calendar year.
    DB being 39 is questionable also he hasn't been as good as he can be but can people seriously name a match Davey Richards had that Bryan hasn't matched in 2011?

    So thoughts on the listing who would you have put higher / lower or added to the list who aren't there at all?
  2. That list is terrible. Sheamus is above DB? Randy Orton is spectacular. He doesn't get enough credit for his ring work (By the IWC) because he's already a big star and should definitely be #1. Christian should be a bit higher. DB has had so many matches though this year that are candidates for MOTY, could of done more but that doesn't mean he should be that low. Hiroshi shouldn't be top, no way. Kurt Angle is probably higher than he should be too, he's not been as good as he's getting old. Dolph Ziggler should be top 10. I'm shocked Miz is on the list, though he has put on some good matches this year.
  3. Agree with most of this basically also how the hell is Generico not in the top 5? He's not had a bad match for years.
  4. Davey Richards is #3 too? Sigh. Jeff Jarret is in the fucking list for god sake lmao.
  5. Angle above Punk?
    No thank you, good sir.
  6. This also Kurt is better execution but lacks basic psychology for me. He's just hitting the spots without much correlation and has been for a good while imo.
  7. Kurt has obviously declined due to his age. The more I look at this list the more it angers me. I just don't understand why Randy Orton isn't 1, Punk isn't higher, DB isn't higher, Ziggler isn't in top 10, Jarret is on it, Generico isn't higher... argh.