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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Acailler, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Just an idea...

    During PPV's or any live show, why not have live polls running on the homepage of the website throughout the night ala WWE App?

    A. If the polls are also tweeted it'll bring traffic to the site.
    B. It'll bring traffic because of Google being a Live search site
    C. If you like the idea, I'll celebrate like this:
  2. Can you explain this in more detail? What sort of polls? Where would we put them?
  3. I'm guessing who'll win X match polls.
  4. Yeah.

    On the bit where you have the "XXXX Live discussion thread", Put polls as well...
  5. Pretty Smart Idea, however some of the matches are made on the day, so what do then?
  6. I like the idea
  7. It's a live thing...during the PPV.
  8. Paging @Crayo
  9. Unsure. Someone has to keep putting polls in, and people are normally busy watching the show so I doubt people would vote often unless we have it so guests can vote too. I just don't see the benefits.
  10. So, here's another idea. Put the polls in the Live Discussion threads. It just brings more interactivity to the place!
  11. How would one "put them in the live discussions"?
  12. Polls can be created as normal on a thread, and placed on the index too.
  13. There would need to be multiple polls in the thread though as the show goes on (I'm assuming). Unless his idea is just for the main event or the most substantial match of the evening.
  14. Like the WWE App...polls throughout the show depending on what's happening...
  15. That's very difficult to do.
  16. I presume you mean something like the poll on this site?

    Show Spoiler

    MyBB definitely doesn't have anything like that built in, and the only plugin I could find relating to it was this:


    That hasn't been updated since 2010. It does say it has MyBB 1.6 support, but I'm assuming it was a very early version of it and it's no longer compatible.
  17. I can update most plugins no problem, but that's only half of what the op suggested.
  18. :hmm:? We going to have are own APP?
  19. Idea is too complicated for what we would get out of it. Not something that will happen in the near future.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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