PPV Main Event Matchest of the Day! WrestleMania 14 Main Event!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. PPV Main Event Matchest of the Day! Here something New Main Event PPV Matchest of the Day! And were Kicking it Up with in my opinion THE GREATEST WrestleMania Main Event Match That I Watch the 1st PPV I watch on VHS when I was kids! I still like watch it to this day! This is what a WrestleMania Event Should BE LIKE! And I can over wonder how better could have been if Shawn Michaels had not injury had back!

  2. This was the first ever Wrestlemania that I ever ordered. I marked so much (especially still believing that wrestling was real at the time) when Austin won the title and he and Tyson were actually on the same side.
  3. I it was 1st ppv i watch on VHS when come out. I remember when me and my order brother when to get it at the store we araried with my mom for like half hour at the store as are mom did not wanted us watching wrestling b/c of vatead. When we fainlly got it and put tape it was EPIC! just great match. still to mea was best wrestlemania i ever seen. great build to the match great match. i can just own thing how beeter this already great match could have been if HBK did not have back injury going in.
  4. Mike Tyson is the fucking best.
  5. Here I come in with my difference of opinion, it was just okay. The match was well-structured, particular in part 2 and the finish and I enjoyed those for the most part but part 3 was a chore to get through. I liked some moments from it (like Shawn using the ropes for leverage) but overall I was just bored throughout. I guess this can be pinpointed as just not being a fan of the brawling style. I really wouldn't say it was because I wasn't watching during the time and thus wasn't invested in the angle leading into it because I didn't watch my top five favorite matches during the time they happened and despite not really being invested in the angle I still rank them as my top five. And while I don't care for Austin (with the exception of his Mania bout with Bret a year prior to this one, every match I've seen of him has been average at best), Shawn is my favorite wrestler so it's not about lack of care in the wrestler. The only reason I'm rambling on like this is that my mentality is that an opinion should be followed up with some explanation of why.

    Also, was King ever a good commentator? He was terrible during this match (still better than he is today but that says squat). Like go to 7:50 on the second part and listen until like 8:10. What the . . . hell with . . . all the . . . pauses. Seriously? And no, I don't think he was good for the rest of the match, but that point specifically was bad enough I took note of it. JR was in top form though.
  6. king as a heel commentator was epic! WM14 great maybe it just b/c u watch it during that time to great it was/ but its ur opinion. did u watch the code geass epistre i post in the looker room?
  7. I don't think it's because I didn't watch during the time. It may have helped my opinion on it but I doubt it would've changed it completely. Most of my favorite matches happened when I was watching during the time. And nah, I'll get to Code Geass eventually, but I'm going to wait until I finish one of the many shows I'm currently juggling (which will probably take awhile).
  8. well i posting eventually all eperispe here on the forum at the looker room section i 1-5 eperispe up right now on the this forum site.
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