PPV Predictions up 2 WMXXX

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Anthony, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Royal Rumble:
    Lesnar vs Show?
    Orton vs Cena?

    Me: Batista

    Going into EC Orton will be defending the belt in the chamber.

    EC? Probably Cena Orton Lesnar Punk Batista and Bryan
    Me: Lesnar

    So now Lesnar holds the belt going into WM with Batista having the number one contender spot

    I think it will be Batista vs Lesnar
    Punk vs Taker (they wont give taker the belt)

    Thats all I have right now
  2. I like to go month to month with this sorta thing but at a glance I can see a Bray & derby feud leading into WM some how. Cena loses... And loses again... And some more, then comes back with a huge victory, like always. Orton loses the belt at some point - victor gets rid of the one belt. Punk slipping more into the cracks. Uso's possible become the new tag champs *fingers crossed*. Batista getting huge pops that turn into " you can't wrestler" almost immediately. for months. I can't see him winning a belt either. Big E will continue to grow. The Sheild will take on a new member while losing Reigns. Evan Bourne will return and feud with Sin Cara (maybe?? - Would be a great mash up). AJ loses the belt. And that's about all I can think of right now.
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