WrestleMania PPVs (inc WM29) Buys Revealed

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Aug 1, 2013.

  1. http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/ppv-buyrate-numbers-for-wrestlemania-29-extreme-rules-wwe-payback/

    Quite a lot down on WM28. I guess people didn't want Cena v Rock 2 after all. :pity2:
  2. And sadly the higher prices compensated for it, but I'm sure they'll be upset that they can't make a self esteem raising "did you know" promo for it.
  3. It's not surprised with the WrestleMania buy rate, who wants to see John Cena vs The Rock for the ME again? No one. Also, their prices where higher this year too.
  4. Yeah serves em right for once in a lifetime part two and Ryback.
  5. I bought it, and they still made what 70,000,0000 dollars off one event? (not factoring in expenses)
  6. Well, if it was more expensive than they must've made more money, good for them. But not surprised there weren't as many buys since they repeated the ME, that was pretty bad. Also noted Payback did less than NWO, does that mean they're scrapping Payback already?
  7. The card at WM 28 was better than 29's
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