Other PPVs to run longer than 3hrs?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. It appears future WWE pay-per-view events will be going past 11pm and not just WrestleMania. WWE has told Sky Italia to start reserving extra time for pay-per-view events as the duration of those shows will vary.

    Source: WrestlingInc

    Come on, man. 4-5 hours is too much for WrestleMania, much less every PPV. How hard is it to only do 4 PPVs for each brand, and 4 joint ones?

    Hopefully I'm just looking too deep, and that they'll just stop caring about timing the matches to make three hours. And let the matches present get enough time, instead of trying to cram all rivalries from both brands on one show. I could deal with 30 minute run ons, an hour or two? Not so much.
  2. 3 hours is boring enough.
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  3. Yeah I am fine with allowing them to run past the hour like Raw if needed, but there's already so much wrestling and so much WWE out there that they don't need to extend anything.
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  4. I think they run a true risk of losing audience by doing this. For example,I tended to not watch Smackdown much at all after the brand extension ended. I mostly just occasionally read spoilers. But if you over saturate your fans with your product, they might not be able to find the time to watch or even keep up on all of the content. They're looking at three hours of Raw, two hours of Smackdown and possibly more than three hours of PPV a month. If your fans don't have the time to keep up with everything and fall behind in watching certain things, they might fall behind in story lines and start missing things because they can't keep up.

    I mean, I have been pretty loyal to WWE even though it's rarely been my favorite promotion. It has been the one I have watched the longest. I would like to have more time for wrestling but I do have other things in life. Plus I'm not going to cut down on my ROH, NJPW, NWA, LU to watch more WWE than I already do. If anything, as many of us have pointed out, they need to have less hours of programming not more. Two hours of Raw, two hours of Smackdown, one hour of NXT and one three hour PPV a month is PLENTY.
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  5. A 30 minute overrun on a PPV, 15 on Raw... That's 8:45 of first run, "important" WWE content in a 3 day span.

    Think about that.
  6. I think this is just something to keep the fans aware. People were freaking out during Mania.
  7. Guess WWE does not want their own Halloween Havoc moment .
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  8. No, thank you. 3 hours are more than enough.
  9. Highly doubt that Vince is going around to legit businesses, telling them put some more time on hold.

    Like he's thinking, 'fans want less time? Add time dammit!' He's moreso probably thinking how he can pull another incest angle with Steph.
  10. Two Hours for a show is honestly the right amount for a show. One hour works as well, but three... Except for PPVs it is too long. Even before this era of 3 Hour Raws, when they had a 3 hour special every other month a few years before that, I honestly got tired at the end of those episodes. Maybe the first one or two were alright because they felt special, but after a while, it became boring. We are facing that problem ten fold already. To make PPVs more than 3 hours is overkill. Just...reduce Raw to two hours, keep PPVs at 3 to make them at least "special" and that will help you guys a bit.
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  11. WWE Stooge: Vince people are very worried about the quality of our product...
    Vince: Quantity? They are worried about the quantity of our product? Well give them more, dammit!
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  12. Rated funny...because it's true...
  13. Why does WWE want more time to fuck me in the ass?
  14. Vince wants to be known for his stamina
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  15. Because it feels good? :eww:
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  16. inb4 more injuries
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  17. For the love of all things holy, NO MEANS NO! I said this like months after they moved Raw to 3 hours, IT IS TOO MUCH! Raw/Smackdown should be 2 hours and PPV's should be 3, with the exception of Wrestlemania being 4. I swear I stopped enjoying it last year because its just too much time to invest. I don't care if it is one day a week, 3 hours is too much. If they up PPV's I wont watch those either.
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  18. 4-5 hours? We're gonna need more booze...
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  19. I can't make it past an hour usually with all these jabronis running around. Fuck 3 hours yo.
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