Elimination Chamber Praise for Santino

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Zamorakian, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. I say good job Santino, what do you guys think of his performance last night?
  2. He performed well for me. I wasn't happy with the way he was booked but he made the most of it.
  3. He's incredibly over, I said this months ago somewhere else that they should work on making him at least credible. He got reaction of the night last night during the chamber by miles.
  4. Looks like all that hard working out paid off even though he didn't manage to win the title but still did good.
  5. After years of jobbing, the time has come for Santino.
    He was good in the match, but not around often cuz of Barrett beating him when he was getting up.
    What annoyed me, was that he was not reversing any moves, maybe a couple.
    But he was getting beat down so many times.
    Who knows what will happen to him. I hope something good.
  6. Is it bad that he reminds me of Eddie?

  7. I've thought the same thing before actually. They've got similar principles as comedic babyfaces but Eddie could get more serious the Santino could, not a knock on Santino he's good but Eddie was that great.
  8. His reactions came mainly from the fact that he was an underdog midcarder who came close to winning the world title. Just the thought that an undercarder that was over might actually win the 'big one' (when he otherwise would never be considered serious competition for the title) is something the audience really got into.

    He is certainly not over enough overall to be given any sort of serious main event push or title win. He barely even got a reaction when he came to the ring. But his performance was good, for what it was.
  9. Barely got a reaction when he came to the ring?
    Lol crowd was good.

    Should have listened to the crown during the match. Santino was the #1 favourite in the EC man.
  10. I heard the reaction during the match and already commented on that. But his reaction when coming to the ring was average at best from what I heard.
  11. What you've heard..

    I guess I heard something different.
  12. Everyone's was apart from Cena. Punk got hardly any cheers too. During the match he got reaction of the night.
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