Pre-Raw Predictions?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Since Batista is coming back on Monday...
    Do you think the ratings will be higher than the norm?
    Do you think that this upcoming Raw will be a good one?
    What are you looking forward to?
  2. Yes, and also because
    Show Spoiler
    Brock Lesnar will also be on the show
    So you can assume HHH will be the one announcing Batista, so we will get a lot of huge angles coming together. It's the week of the Royal Rumble, RAW and Smackdown both should be badass.
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  3. Random mini-royal rumble to end the show.
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  4. Don't want them to "announce" Big Dave, just want his music to hit during the main event :obama:
  5. Triple H will probably be the one to re-introduce Batista to the 'WWE Universe.' It only makes sense given their history, plus I could see them already planting the seeds for Batista/Orton by having HHH tell Batista that there's no match that he would love to promote more as the headline match of Wrestlemania XXX than a match between he and Randy Orton, the two guys he and Flair took under their wing back in the day, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Then the segment somehow results in a big pre-Rumble brawl probably beginning with ADR interrupting Batista and getting in his face (as a way of jump starting a rivalry between them that is rumored to result in a match at Elimination Chamber), followed by other Rumble participants running out and getting into it with each other in a big free for all.

    Hopefully it's a much better ending segment than that god-awful promo Cena cut on the go home Raw last year prior to the big brawl that ensued.
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  6. Yes,
    I wish they had done it by surprise that would've been fucking bad ass but heyy, who cares.. I hope it's like Lesnar talking shit to Orton or Orton to Cena and then all the sudden it's like
  7. Honestly forgot about Brock :dawg:
  8. They won't waste a confrontation with Lesnar on his first night back. I think Lesnar v Batista could main-event SummerSlam, though.

    This is how I would use Batista on Monday:
    - Power couple open the show, talking about the Royal Rumble match and shit. Eventually, they introduce Batista.
    - Batista talks about how he is ready to win the Rumble. Del Rio interrupts him and walks to the ring.
    - After a short back-and-forth on the mic, Batista powerbombs Del Rio to end the segment.

    - Backstage segment with Batista warming up.

    - Main event: Rhodes brothers & Punk v The Shield / Rhodes bros & Bryan v The Wyatt Family.
    - The match lasts around 10 minutes before Punk or Bryan get the pin.
    - Immediately after the match all six competitors get into the ring and start fighting.
    - Batista runs in and eliminates all 6 from the ring.
    - End show.
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  9. I can see that happening.
  10. Batista vs. Lesnar vs. Orton should be the main event of 'Mania. Just saying. I don't care how much you can hate Orton or if you hate Lesnar or Batista. But I'm a fan of all 3 and it would just be a markout moment seeing Batista & Lesnar get into each others face while Orton is in the background (Think when it was Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk and Ryback & Cena were in each other's face with the title and Punk was in the background) and all of a sudden, Batista does a beast ass fucking yell in Lesnar's face and Lesnar does his baby scream back in Batista's face.... omg ..... :fap:
  11. Um, no. The first time Lesnar and Batista step into the ring with each other in an official match should be a straight one-on-one bout, not a triple threat involving any third man.
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  12. Batista vs Lesnar wont need anything extra to add to the match. People will eat up a straight one vs one match.
  13. Here is to hoping Batista comes back as a heel. :please:
  14. He will come back and have the most unimpactful return as he has a boring 1 on 1 mic segment with Del Rio before powerbombing him.
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  15. Killin muh dreams bro.

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  17. ^^ Great Example of his awful fallback acting.
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  18. I LOL'd at it. :dawg:
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  19. Ditto I remember watching that shit, I was like jesus Batista could you make it anymore less real?
  20. This is why I say he is a C level wrestler. People get mad when I say that but... Come on. Dude don't know how to sell. His charisma is what saved him.
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