Pre show for EC....

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RaveWayneBoo, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Who do you think will be stuck into the pre match?
  2. Titus vs The Miz maybe
  3. Ziggler and Miz vs someone
  4. Ziggler and Miz vs Titus and ????
  5. knowing wwe, they would have to be black
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  6. Big E Langston?
  7. or mark Henry. hell they might form a stable

    wait, is Titus a face or heel? I haven't seen raw
  8. Heel, he kicked the crap out of D Young.
  9. Titus vs Ziggler, Miz saves Ziggler. They form tag team.
  10. Titus vs Miz, Titus turns face by destroying the Miz in a sad attempt to turn heel.
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  11. Haha I can only hope.
  12. Titus Vs Darren Young. No shame in being a pre show match and would end their split up feud.
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  13. Mark Henry/Langston v. Ziggler/Miz
  14. Alberto Del Rio vs Batista

    I want that match to be over as soon as possible so I can enjoy the rest of the PPV lol
  15. El Torito vs Jack Swagger obviously
  16. It looks like it's heading towards Titus vs. Darren. If that ends up on the main card, then Ziggler vs. Miz, where they both walk out of the match, forming their tag team.
  17. Tag title match? IDK something to get you interested before we all sit through an hour of really horribly put together title matches.
  18. I could see it being Titus vs. Miz and Zigger saving Miz
  19. Fatal 4 way; Titus, Young, Miz, Ziggler

    No.1 contender for US title at WM maybe
  20. Ryder vs Ziggler, US title WM match.
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