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The Architect

The official theme of Saturday Night Precision echoes around the arena, it's the night after Wrestle Dynasty II and the fans are excited to get going with the 2nd ever Precision Awards show. In the middle of the ring, Trent Kingsley stands behind a podium, multiple envelopes layed on it. There is a fairly large titantron screen, with the official 'Precision Awards' logo on it with some cool effects or something like that. Trent wears a black suit with a white shirt underneath, along with a blue tie. He is dressed for the occasion, and leans forward towards the microphone.

"Good evening everyone!"

The fans cheer loudly, bringing a smile to the General Manager's face.

"This is the second annual Precision Awards ceremony, and I can guarentee you it's going to be better than the first one. We have many awards up for grabs, all voted by you, the fans, the people that our superstars perform for every Saturday night, and we truly thank you for supporting our company every step of the way. The first award I will start off with... is Breakout Star of the Year! This goes to the superstar that you believe has truly broken out this year, and someone that you believe could be the future of this company. The nominees are..."

The logo on the titantron fades away, and is replaced by the pictures of the three nominees up for the award.

"Spencer Hyde!"

The fans cheer loudly for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

"Antonio Stark!"

The fans loudly boo for another former World Heavyweight Champion.

"Yuri Black!"

Some fans quietly cheer, but not much is heard.

"And the winner is..."

Trent reaches out and grabs the first envelope, he tears it open and pulls out a card, a card with a single name on it, that name being...

"Spencer Hyde!"

Spencer's picture on the titantron brightens up, and the fans once again cheer loudly for him, his theme erupts around the arena, as Kingsley turns his attention towards the entrance ramp, awaiting Spencer himself.

Reborn Reborn


The Artiste

Spencer walks out as Walk On Water blares throughout the arena, he walks through the entrance way and stands on the stage. This being his first time seen since losing the World Heavyweight Championship, he seems happier than expected. Spencer's choice of attire was surprising, a powder blue suit with a white shirt underneath, alongside some slacks and dress shoes. He walks down the ramp, taking in the Precision audience. After which, he walks up the stairs and walks into the ring through the second rope. Spencer accepts the award that's handed to him from Kingsley, leaning towards the microphone to speak.

"None of us really change over time, we only become more fully what we are."

"When I joined the Precision roster, I didn't expect what happened after it. Suddenly, I was seeing gold everywhere. I was Survival Champion, and then.. I was World champion. It's a surreal feeling."

"I didn't want it to end the way it did, but in my mind, I am grateful. I'm grateful that I had the run that I had. It was short, but it was sweet."

"You people voted me as the Breakout Star of the Year, but. To me, that's just a title. It's a title that'll hang over my head. There are many breakout stars on the roster, who are finally getting their chances to shine."

Joseph Diamond, Antonio Stark, Yuri Black, Mad Dog Jiminez... Will Neilson."

"Those men are the future of Precision. Which leads me to my next point."

"As of today, I would like to announce that I will be leaving Precision, and will no longer be an active wrestler."

The crowd goes silent, in awe of what they've just heard.

"I've achieved everything I wanted here, and much more."

"I would like to take a moment of time to congratulate
Tyson Blade on his successful career, it's truly well deserved. I'm honored to have been alongside him on a great list of former champions."

"But, eventually. Greats move on and settle down, and for every action, there's a reaction."

"When someone leaves, it's because someone's about to arrive.."

"I would like to thank you all for driving me towards being the best I can be, for supporting me even after my.. crisis a few years ago. I feel like I don't deserve it. You're all the reason why I kept doing this."

"This isn't the end."

"Thank you."

Spencer holds his trophy up high into the air, as Walk On Water plays over the arena speakers once more. He extends a hand towards Mr. Kingsley, and it's accepted. As he goes to walk towards the middle rope, he stops and walks back towards the microphone, his music stops.

"I would like to ask if.. If Will Neilson could come out right now."

The new theme music of the brand new Precision World Heavyweight Champion, Will Neilson, sounds around the arena, sending the crowd into a frenzy for the new World champion. He walks out in a light blue polo shirt, grey work trousers, smart black shoes, his hair slicked back, and the Precision World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He has a slight smirk on his face, and walks to the ring where Spencer Hyde and Trent Kingsley await him. Straight off of his monumental victory at Wrestle Dynasty II, 'Walking Perfection' climbs into the ring, coming face to face with Spencer Hyde. Will walks over to the edge of the ring, requesting a microphone from the timekeeper. His request is granted, and he once again stands opposite Spencer Hyde.

"I just want to kick things off with how I'm feeling tonight... and I honestly couldn't feel any better than how I'm feeling right now. I am on top of the world! This is the third time I've held this World Heavyweight Championship, and it feels damn good to have it back."

Will raises the title in the air to many cheers from the crowd, Spencer just looks at the title, a title he once held, and a title he won by pinning the man stood opposite him.

"I appreciate you for calling me out here Spencer, because I agree with all of these people who voted, you are worthy of an award like this. An award that I won last year, and an award that you have now won this year. Another award you won... was this. The World Heavyweight Championship. You beat me for it... and I haven't forgotten about it. I messed up, I took you lightly, a guy who had just come into the company, I wasn't expecting much from you. To me, it felt like 'another' title defence, but you proved me wrong. You showed that even I make mistakes, and it's a mistake that I'll admit was my own fault. I don't consider myself a veteran, but to be able to take this away from someone who has beaten the likes of Buster Gates and Jack Rogue, is extremely impressive, and you are someone that I'd gladly face again. However, it seems that will never happen, and I understand. Your health is at risk, and for that you have to leave the business behind, but I'm glad you called me out here, because I want to do something very special."

Will steps back slightly, taking the World Heavyweight Championship in his right hand, and looking down at it, then back up at Hyde. He takes a deep breath, and then holds the title out to Spencer.

"You lost this unfairly, and you deserve to hold it one last time."

Spencer places the award down back onto the podium, lightly grabbing the title from Will, holding it in his hands for what could be one last time.. He raises it into the air, taking one last moment from the crowd in his picture perfect moment.. Tears fill the eyes of the former champion. He slowly lowers the title, handing it back to Will before grabbing the microphone.

"Give it up for your true Precision World Champion, I have no doubt that he will carry the future of this company to brighter pastures. Thank you all."

Will extends his hand, but Spencer denies it, instead hugging him. He pats him on the back, letting his tears drip onto Will's shoulder. Walk On Water plays Spencer out one more time as he grabs his award and leaves the ring. As he walks up the ramp for what could be the last time, he stands on the stage and raises his trophy high, before finally walking backstage.


The Architect
After seeing Spencer Hyde take his leave, Will and Trent shake hands, and the World Heavyweight Champion gets out of the ring, also taking his leave. Kingsley still has a smile on his face, and wipes his eyes a bit, leaning forward into the mic again.

"That was incredible. Thank you Spencer and Will for that moment, now it's time we move onto our next award... this one is for the OMG moment of the year. This is for the moment where you were truly shocked, you jumped out of your seat, you couldn't believe what was happening in front of you. The nominees are..."

The titantron change once again, displaying three more images.

"Antonio Stark winning the World Heavyweight Championship!"

Just like when his name was announced previously, boos are heard for the former World champ.

"Buster Gates crashes his own wedding!"

More boos are heard, these are seemingly louder than the ones for Antonio Stark. As the crowd remember another former World champion in Buster Gates.

"The 40 minute match between Chris Young and Jack Rogue!"

Cheers are heard for the two men just announced, Kingsley reaches forward and grabs the second envelope, tears it open, and pulls out the card inside.

"The winner is... Antonio Stark!"

Boos sound around the arena, and the theme of Antonio Stark begins to play.

The Anarchist The Anarchist

The Anarchist

The Artiste

*Antonio Stark walks out and is angry from his loss last night at Wrestle Dynasty 2, he marches towards the ring and slides in. Tony stops for a second and walks over towards the GM Trent Kingsley, having an awkward stare down. Stark takes his position at the podium and picks up his award.*

"I don't want to talk about what happened at Wrestle Dynasty 2, it was a disgrace. Absolutely disgusting. I lost my world heavyweight title without even being pinned, and that I can't stand for. So fine, I'll take this award, it means nothing to me. What means something to me is that world heavyweight championship, and I want a rematch for my title!"

*Antonio looks over at Trent Kingsley.*

"And if you don't give me my rematch for my world heavyweight championship... then I'll just have to make you give me my rematch. You understand? Good."

*Stark faces the crowd again.*

"For all of you, and especially for the champion, Mr Will Neilson. Spend your last happy days, because when my title comes back to me, then it will be happy days for me, and only gloomy days for you. I'm out of here."

*Taking his award, the crowd boo as Antonio Stark gets out of the ring and walks backstage.*



The Architect
As Antonio Stark has now left the ring, Trent looks towards the entrance ramp looking fairly confused, he shrugs it off and returns to his position at the podium, ready to present the next award.

"Up next... the Match of the Year. The best match as decided by you people, the one that had your eyes glued to the screen... or the ring if you were watching in the crowd. What I'm trying to say is that some really good wrestling happened this year. The nominees are..."

Instead of three images on the titantron, three videos now appear, each showing the ending of the matches said by Kingsley.

"Spencer Hyde vs Chris Young inside Hell in a Cell for the Survival Championship!"

The crowd cheer loudly once again, the screen shows Spencer hitting the Revenge Therapy to pick up the win and retain his Survival Championship.

"Will Neilson vs Jack Rogue for the Unified World Heavyweight Championship!"

The crowd cheer very loudly now, and the screen shows Neilson hitting the Kingdom Clash to unify both World championships.

"Chris Young vs Jack Rogue!"

The crowd cheer once again, the screen shows Chris Young hitting the Amazing Breaker to pick up the three count. Kingsley grabs the third envelope and tears it open, he takes the card out and looks at it."

"The winner is... Chris Young vs Jack Rogue on Precision!"

For the fourth time in a row, the cheer loudly, and the theme of Chris Young begins to play.

Impactsona Impactsona


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star

*Chris Young walks out to cheers from the crowd with the Legendary.Championship which he raises above his head before leaving it on the stage He is accompanied by Lilith Young. Both enter the ring and Chris shakes Trent's hand.*

Chris: You know, I've had a rough time recently, But this shows what I been saying and that is no matter what I go 100% and those two matches will never be forgotten! I have had many wars here, Jack Rouge, Michael Kelly, Spencer Hyde, JSP, Martin Drake and the list goes on, but the point is I always went for match of the year each time I went into this ring for all of you watching. You see, I’m a wrestler…. I Am a wrestler, That’s what I do and that’s who I Am and believe me when I say that I've sacrificed everything in this business, But everything I have good in my life is because of wrestling.

*Chris Stops and his expression changes as he stops and looks around before raising his microphone.*

Chris: You know over the past few months or so, I have started to develop some trust issues and maybe you know what I’m talking about when you have your best pals and teammates walk out and stab you in the back, leaving you out high and dry for another company or maybe it was the guys in the front office who I thought were my pals making me a joke for the sake of good television. Alright, Maybe it was nothing, Maybe it was me realizing what everyone had told me that this is just how the business is the only person Chris Young can trust is Chris Jones!

*Chris Pauses before going on.*

Chris: I Get it your perception of me has changed I understand that because my perception of this business has changed, But make no mistake about it, I'm Better than the best in the world, I'm am The Amazing Chris Young!Although I love what I do in this ring…..

*A “Chris Young” Chant can be heard lightly in the arena and Chris stops and looks around with a still face as if the crowd was quiet, He turns to the main camera*

Chris: although I love what I do in this ring I have to understand that this is just a job, The spot that everyone thinks it may be you know where I'm coming from, Maybe you can relate?

*The crowd starts to chant yes.*

Chris: So you had that job, You had that just plain sucks it doesn't matter if you're driving a truck, You're a pencil pusher for some big company at one point sometime or another you been shafted by upper management when you’re the hardest worker in the building. And for what, I have realized over the past six months that I deserve better, Hey boss I deserve better!, Hey M.bookerman I deserve better That new direction you were taking did not go anywhere!

*Chris Raises the microphone.*

Chris: Do you know what this is? This is a microphone, this is how you create box office. This is how you put asses in seats. When you’re in this ring you can only rely on yourself and I see myself as a lucky man not only did I put in the hard work all my life but I had to work past all the BS! You see, I was the guy, I was the kid that said I wanted to be a wrestler and that it was my dream. People laughed at me and said “You’ll never be a wrestler.” well I proved them wrong. Then they said, “Sure, you became a wrestler, But you’ll never make it to the top.” Well, Once again I proved them wrong.

*The camera zooms in on Chris as he takes the award.*

Chris: There was this one guy I knew here he had a lot of fakes around him.

*Chris Gives a smirk before returning to his relaxed and stone faced mannerisms.*

Chris: For now, I'm with no one.

*Chris drop the mic and the duo exit the ring.*
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The Architect
With Chris Young taking home the Match of the Year award, Trent Kingsley repositions himself by the podium and gets ready to present the next award.

"Up next... we don't just have one award, we have two."

The crowd cheer at this, Kingsley brushes down his suit, wanting to stay smart for the occasion.

"We have two awards because I have been informed that the same person has won both of these categories. These are Most Adored of the Year, and Best Rivalry of the Year. For the latter, it's for the feud that really got you engaged into watching either the promos or matches between the competitors, the one that kept you watching. For most adored, it's the guy who you fans love the most, simple as that. Nominees for Rivalry of the Year are..."

The titantron switches again to show 3 more images.

"Jack Rogue vs Jordan Bull!"

The crowd cheer at the mention of both Bull and Rogue.

"Jack Rogue vs Ivy Hale!"

More cheers are heard from another mention of Jack Rogue, but a few boos which seem likely for Ivy Hale being mentioned.

"Will Neilson vs Joseph Diamond vs... I can't see this name... wait a minute."

"Golden.... C***? Is that it? Golden C***?"

"We'll go with that, Will Neilson vs Joseph Diamond vs Golden C***!"

Most of the crowd is laughing, along with many cheers for the mention of Will Neilson, with a few boos thrown in for Joseph Diamond.

"For Most Adored of the Year..."

The titantron changes once again.

"Will Neilson!"

"Jack Rogue!"

"Mike Thunder!"

Huge cheers are heard for all three of those men, the current World champion, the former Precision Champion, and another former World Heavyweight Champion.

"I guess you can narrow this down to two names... the winner is..."

"Jack Rogue!"

Holy shit that was an extremely loud pop for the former Precision Champion, his theme hits, and the man coming off of a win over Tyson Blade at Wrestle Dynasty II, makes his way down to the ring.

Geek773 Geek773

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First RWK Euro Champion

*The former Precision Champion and the man to retire two Precision legends – Andersen Vega and Tyson Blade – in one year, walks slowly out from behind the LED board onto the stage, with a wide grin on his face. He’s dressed appropriately for the occasion, in a smart grey suit with a white shirt, red tie and black shoes. He hypes up the fans from the sides of the stage as per usual, then begins a fairly slow walk to the ring, still bearing the aches and pains from his match the previous night with Tyson Blade. He jogs up the steel steps and steps under the top rope into the ring, throwing his arms wide to more cheers from the crowd. Rogue approaches Trent Kingsley with a smile, then shakes his hand enthusiastically before Trent hands him a microphone. Jack takes his place behind the table, his two trophies in front of him*

Jack: Wow… to win two awards tonight is truly an honour, thank you all. What’s more, this is the second consecutive year I’ve won Rivalry of the Year – I’m not totally sure what that says about me? *Jack chuckles to himself and continues* Truly, though, last time wasn’t me, for the most part. Still, it brings me great pleasure that you guys were entertained by the matches and the drama I had with Andersen, but it always felt like I had been rewarded for atrocity. Same went for my OMG and “promo” awards, both for the first moment my psychosis emerged in public. This time, I feel like I can truly be proud of this accolade. Ivy Hale dragged me into her ocean of fear just as I was breaking the water’s surface. She led me from the light back to the dark and had me do further damage to this place than I had already – damage I must repay.

Jack: I’m not proud of that, that she was able to lure the animal back out of me when I’d just managed to shut it away. I’m proud that I came back, that I, eventually, once that inner darkness beat Jordan Bull, fought with my principles against her. I fought her for all of you and for myself – and I won. I buried her alive, beat her under the rules she suggested. She hasn’t been seen since. I’m pretty sure she survived but I don’t know where she went, it’s not like I sought that info out. See, she’s a walking metaphor for that darker side of me, that feral, furious disgrace to this sport. She controlled me, I fought and fought within myself to break her shackles, and when I beat her I really took back control of my life. But like the animal inside me, I never know when she’ll be back. I’m proud that watching Precision in that time gave all of you some of the same satisfaction and joy that I took in lifting that weight from my shoulders, but this is a rivalry that may never truly end.

*The crowd cheer, supporting Rogue in his mental health struggle and applauding his monologue. Jack smiles, and turns his eye to the second trophy*

Jack: While that is a symbol of my struggle, vindication for what I’ve fought… this award is emblematic of all I take pride in. I fight for all of you, I scratch and claw for the right to call myself a role model, a fan favourite. And – when I’ve been in the cockpit of my brain – I’ve said that since day one. But when I haven’t been, I have done awful things. I am overjoyed to be called “Most Adored”, I appreciate it and all of your support more than I could ever have the words to describe. But that doesn’t mean I’m even nearly done. I have a debt to pay, to Mr Kingsley, to the moral half of the locker room, and to all of you. When Precision returns for Season Three, I will fight with all I have against corruption, disrespect and evil in this company, I will win the World Heavyweight Championship, the final verification that I am a main-event player. When I’m unshackled by manipulators and by defeat after defeat wearing down my self-belief, and when the darkness that compiled trauma created is shoved to the back of my skull… I am the best pro wrestler on this planet.

*A fire of determination enters Rogue's eyes, as the crowd cheer their agreement*

Jack: The title that I’ve always wanted and never won will prove it. When I have that, I will stand proud as this promotion’s gatekeeper until my debt is paid, my watch is over, and my usefulness is worn out. When I lose that title to someone who deserves it… we’ll see. That might be a long way away – certainly, it’ll be a bumpy road to get there. But I will reach the pinnacle and defend it with pride if it is the last thing I do. But until I have the world championship to my name… these pieces of gold will do nicely. Thank you all.

*The audience pop again as Jack throws his mic back to Kingsley and lifts his two trophies up high as his music hits once more. With one more nod for the General Manager, Rogue steps back onto the apron, down the ring steps, and up the ramp with a wide smile. Jack smiles and holds up his trophies on the stage, before turning on his heel and walking to the back*

Sanic Sanic
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The Architect
"Looks like we don't have much more to go, time to move onto the next award. This is for the Most Despised of the Year. Plain and simple, it's the guy you hate the most, the one that really seems to grind your gears. The nominees are..."

The titantron changes again.

"Andersen Vega!"

A mixed reaction is heard for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

"Buster Gates!"

Oh my, the boos have gotten a lot louder.

"Joseph Diamond!"

There they go again, the crowd showing their displeasure for the former Intercontinental Champion.

"The winner is..."

Kingsley tears open the envelope, pulling out the card inside.

"Joseph Diamond!"

The crowd boo loudly once again for "The New King" Joseph Diamond, with "Diamond's From Sierra Leone" signalling his arrival. It's around 30 seconds into the song, and Diamond still hasn't emerged from the back.

"Still no sign of Joseph Diamond, do you think that he's still recovering from his loss last night at Wrestle Dynast-"

"Be quiet Young! This is Joseph Diamond we are talking about! Let the man take however long he needs! He should be coming out here as World Heavyweight Champion, but Will Neilson and Antonio Stark had to ruin it! I hope Diamond gets a one on one match for that title, and I can guarentee you that he'll win it!"

"Are you done?"

"For now, yes."

Still no sign of Joseph Diamond, the music fades away as Trent Kingsley looks confused.

"It seems that Mr. Diamond hasn't shown up tonight, no worries, he can accept the award at a later date, but now we move on to the biggest award of the night... Superstar of the Year! The nominees are..."

"Will Neilson!"

"Jack Rogue!"

"Joseph Diamond"

"And the winner is..."

The tension builds up as Trent tears open the final envelope, pulling out the card with a single name on it. He looks at it with a straight face, and mutters "You got to be kidding me." Trent then stands up straight and leans into the mic.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... your Superstar of the Year..."

"Joseph Diamond!"



The Architect
Diamonds From Sierra Leone plays for a full two minutes, with nobody coming out

In that time, Trent Kingsley announces Diamond's name again and again, but it is only after Kingsley begins to apologize that Diamond's theme plays again

Pyro goes off, and Kingsley plays it off like a production error.

But then, after thirty seconds and no more, Joseph Diamond arrives. But he's...different

His beard has grown back out, his suit is un-tailored with his tie being loosely tied, his trademarked sunglasses still rest on his face, the same as before. He's wearing Air Force 1's with the laces untied, a deeper metaphor for how out of line his life is.

Diamond walks over to Kingsley, Kingsley extends his hand and the Superstar of the Year award to Diamond, Diamond snatches the award and bats away Kingsley's hand, Diamond doesn't say a word.

Diamond stands in front of the crowd for thirty seconds, not saying a word. The crowd boo him loudly.

After what feels like an eternity of silence,
Diamond throws his award at the LED Screen behind him, distorting the display as well as taking out some panels.

Diamond walks over to the podium and speaks into the skinny mic. His voice is broken, he sounds like he's been up for days.

I am going to end Will Neilson's career.

Diamond walks away, not even stopping to check on his award, he disappears from view as the crowd boo loudly
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The Architect
Kingsley looks on nervously, he's in a slight state of shock from what has just transpired. He slowly leans forward into the mic.

"I... I didn't know what was going to happen... whatever happened to Joseph... that's his problem. I truly hope he gets better."

With all of the awards handed out, the show appears to be over, but Kingsley remains by the podium.

"This isn't over yet. We still have our Hall of Fame inductions to go, but first... I need to adress something. Once upon a time, this company was in the hands of someone called... Ryan Blake."

The crowd boo relentlessly.

"I know you guys hate him, and so do we. Recently, I managed to purchase this company, and I will now be transitioning from General Manager to Owner of this wonderful company. The replacement GM... or GM's I should say, will be revealed in due time, but first... I need to do something extremely important."

The crowd cheer, and Trent stands back. He looks dead into the camera, the smile gone from his face.

"Now that I am the owner of this company, I can do one thing that I've wanted to do ever since I started working here. One thing that the fans wanted me to do. One thing that needs to be done. It's time."

"Ryan Blake!"


The crowd wait in anticipation, Trent looks at the camera, the anger, the rage, the memories all coming back to him. He looks like that he's about to explode.


"Get the fuck out of my company."


"This is for everyone! Everyone who believed in me! Everyone who put trust in me! In order for this company to be the best it can be, then I feel that it's right to extinguish the cancer that was going to kill it!"




In one of the biggest pops in Precision history, the firing of Ryan Blake makes the crowd go crazy. They chant 'Thank you Trent!' loudly, and it brings the smile back to the new Owner's face, as he waits to get ready for the Hall of Fame.

"And now his watch has ended."

(first hall of fame will go up tomorrow.)
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The Architect
"It appears that we're near the end of the awards, and with that leaves one more thing... one more announcement should I say."

Kingsley smiles again, looking round at the many fans in attendance just for the awards show.

"The Hall of Fame."

Loud cheers are heard from the crowd, they know the Hall of Fame is a wrestler's main destination, where they want to end up, and where their legacy will be retold.

"Originally, we had plans for our two inductees to be inducted tonight, but a change of plan will see something elae happen. When we return... when Precision returns, Tyson Blade along with another man will be officially inducted into the Hall of Fame!"

"That's right, the first episode of Season 3 is going to be huge! To kick off the show... we will be inducting none other than Tyson Blade, a man who's known for being the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion of the Sony Storm era. Halfway through the show... that's when we induct our second inductee."

More cheers are heard from the crowd, as a second inductee was unheard of until now.

"We will be inducting another legend, a legend who not only was a part of Sony Storm, but also a part of Precision itself. A former United States and Iron Man Champion. On many occasions, a challenger to the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship, and overall... a true legend of the business."

"Ladies and Gentlemen... it is my honour to announce as the second inductee into the 2017 Precision Hall of Fame..."

"The Blade!"

A graphic of The Blade shows on the titantron, the Hall of Fame logo beside it, as the fans and Kingsley all applaud. After a few more seconds, Kingsley leans back into the microphone.

"Two Blades it is."

"Onto my final announcement, closing out the first episode of Precision will be the announcement most of you have been waiting for. I will reveal not only a new General Manager, but a new Commissioner to Precision."

The crowd 'ooooh' at this.

"They're both outstanding individuals, and I promise you that they will not disappoint. So with that, I thank all of you for attending the second annual Precision awards, and thank you all for supporting Precision Wrestling each step of the way."

"We are Precision."

"And we will not fall."

'Drift' once again sounds around the arena, as Kingsley takes a two back and the fans applaud and cheer loudly. Season 2 has officially come to a close, and Season 3 is not too far away. Kingsley takes one final bow, before the cameras fade to black, and the awards come to an end.


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