Kayfabe Precision Presents The Draft!

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  1. *Ryan Blake is at the top of the stage with a formal suit and on top of a podium. The fans are excited for the draft as the superstars are waiting to know what team they will be fighting for. Ryan Blake begins to speak*

    Ryan Blake: Welcome to the Precision Draft! Fans and wrestlers have been hyped for this event all month long! But a lot of people don't understand what will go down tonight so I shall reveal all those details right now! Each active member of the roster will be eligible to be drafted. Just need to make something clear, this is a team draft and not a roster draft! Splitting the league in half would be a terrible idea. The reason why we're having a team draft is to compete with each other week after week with a point based system. Each week we will have two Team VS Team matches and these can vary from singles matches to 6 man tag team matches. Each win for a team will add 2 Points to their score and winning a championship will bring 3 points to the champion's team. But why should we want to win? Well you know there will be a 2K17 league and that league will need challengers for the World title at the first PPV.......The winning team will compete for the World title at the very first PPV of the 2K17 league while the losing team will compete in their own feud or for the minor championship. Team Blue (Ryan Blake) will get the very first pick to start everything off. Robert Blake will compete for Team Blue since Buster Gates will compete for Team Green. The World title is with Team Blue since Robert Blake knocked off Buster Gates at Summerslam. This team based action should last until the week before the final PPV this year. Anyway I'm done so let's start! Welcome the leader of Team Green......Buster Gates or his slave.
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  2. Patrick Young: And here comes Buster Gates, Anthony. How do you think he'll be feeling after finally losing his Undisputed Championship?
    Anthony Pederson: His Undisputed Championship? Not anymore! Robert Blake is the Undisputed Champion and he's going to be for a long, long time. Anyway, what the hell is this?
    *Reginald appears on the stage alone. He looks over to Ryan Blake with piercing eyes before walking up to the other podium.*
    Patrick Young: It looks like Reginald is out here alone tonight!
    Reginald: ... Mr Gates is not here tonight...
    *The audience cheer.*
    Reginald: In light of the draft taking place tonight, I have been informed on what Mr Gates would like to do, so I am taking his place. Lets get started shall we?
    *Reginald begins to grind his teeth whilst waiting for Ryan to make his first pick.*
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  3. Ryan Blake: Buster still in the hospital after that beating he got from my brother then? Tell Buster thanks for keeping that World title clean. Anyway let's fucking start with the damn draft! Champions mean everything in this draft and that's why my first pick will be a champion. This man has great heart and I know this first hand! He is a former World heavyweight champion! The first pick of the Precision Draft is The Iron Man champion.......The Blade! Welcome to team blue!
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  4. Reginald: A fine pick. A man who Buster too, was interested in trying to get onto his team. And please, do not speak of Mr Gates without him being here. It's rude, plus, with your brother not being around for backup, you don't know what he can do to you... Anyway, onto the better team's first pick... Mr Gates is also interested in champions. He wants winners on his team because like you said, winners get points and points mean title matches. So, the first pick for Team Green is the European Champion, Joseph Diamond!
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  5. Ryan Blake: Um.....All of this from a old man ladies and gentlemen. Don't bend over and break your back or anything you old shit....Anyway let's continue and pick someone new for the winning team. This is a easy pick for me since he is a old friend of mine. This man is one of the most gifted superstars in Precision and one hell of a trash talker. This will hurt Buster in the heart because my next pick is the other member of the Monarchy Andersen Vega!
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  6. Reginald: You know, that does hurt a little. But I think you've made a mistake. Do you really think that Andersen Vega will want to work with you, young boy? You are the reason that The Monarchy is over already. Mr Gates and Vega are good friends, and you are already trying to turn them against each other. You stole the Undisputed Championship from our group for your brothers gain. As good as Vega is, I think you've hindered yourself by choosing him. But alas, I need to make my next pick... And that pick is going to be none other than... Tyson Blade.
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  7. Ryan Blake: Do you really think Vega would mess with his chance at becoming a world champion to just be friends with Buster? You are fucking old if you think that. Buster is a cockroach and Vega is not dumb enough to fall for his games. Anyway let's get to my next pick! This superstar is one of the most loyal people in this company. He has never once said he wanted to work somewhere else or even asked for more money! This man has been injured for the past month because some Russian attacked him....Did he ever have a contract here? Anyway my next pick is MR. Money In The Bank Will Neilson!
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  8. Reginald: Again, such an interesting pick. You've picked the Money In The Bank winner when the Undisputed Champion is on your team... Are you trying to have your team fight against each other? Because that's how it seems... Potentially smart though, because I can no longer get Will Neilson for Team Green meaning I can't get the title win bonus points. Never mind... My next pick is not a pick I would've chosen myself, but Buster was adamant for me to choose him if possible, so I choose... *Reginald sighs.* Harrison Payne...
  9. Ryan Blake: Reg....you were fucking right! Harrison Payne just quit one hour ago haha! We all knew Harrison wasn't good enough to compete with the Precision roster. I guess Buster is that stupid! This couldn't be more perfect....Anyway let's start with my next pick. This man was a legend in TWF and he is doing very well right now. My next pick is......The Scat!
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  10. *Reginald shakes his head.*
    Reginald: This is disappointing news... But like I said, I wouldn't have picked him anyway. I'm sure that Team Green will do perfectly fine without him. Anyway, my next pick is going to be a...
    *Reginald's phone begins to ring.*
    Reginald: Excuse me... Hello?.. I was just about to announce our next discussed pick... Harrison has apparently quit. We are a man down... I'm sorry, I... I didn't know. So should I go through with our next pick? I see... And then? Ok, i'll let him know.
    *Reginald hangs up.*
    Reginald: Well, it seems like Mr Gates is already ahead of the game. Since Harrison is no longer a part of the active roster, that pick is null and void and I get to make it up with two picks. So, firstly to replace Harrison, I am choosing the returning Chris Parks... And then to follow that up, my next pick is a man who Buster wants on his team just because he sees his passion. Mr Gates heard what he said after his SummerSlam match and that voice cannot go unheard. With your brother now holding the Undisputed Championship, this man will be a great pick for Team Green. This man is, Jordan Bull!
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  11. Ryan Blake: Um....I guess Buster can do that since he owns half of this place. I did indeed have Bull on my list so that brings a change of plans. This man may not be the best wrestler in the world. He may not be the best talker in the world. This man does have something I need....He has loyalty and heart! He is the other member of the Last Heroes and that man is Rhys Haze!
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  12. Reginald: His loyalty and heart? Peasant qualities chosen by a peasant General Manager... This draft is to choose the best of the best to fight and win points. You've made your choice based on loyalty. So thank you, you're making the Green Team stronger by allowing us to pick up easy wins. Mr Gates, on the other hand wants winners. Buster is aware that no-one is quite as good as him, but you'll be kicking yourself that you forgot about this man, because he is an underdog. Team Greens next pick is, Jack Rouge!
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  13. Ryan Blake: True.....I was silly to not pick him. But I think I have someone who might just bring in more ratings than Jack. I am happy to announce our new signing and Blue Team's final draft pick......Mike Thunder! Woo! I was holding that in all night baby! And now that Blue team has the winning team I must be going. Enjoy picking whoever is left. Also tell Buster Gates that my brother is always waiting for him if he wants to go another round.

    *Ryan Blake leaves to the backstage smiling at Reginald*
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  14. *Reginald stands alone on the stage.*
    Reginald: This is the first time I have been out here on my own with no-one else around. Usually, I only speak on behalf of Buster Gates, or to tell you of his presence. Like I said earlier, he is not here tonight. Before I get onto my final draft pick I would just like to say a few word since I don't know the next time i'll be able to have this opportunity... SummerSlam this last week was Mr Gates first loss, and because of that he also lost his Undisputed Championship. Mr Gates did not take well to this, which is one of the reasons he isn't here tonight. Be warned that Buster isn't happy. I think you all know how dangerous he is, how even when he isn't in the mood to fight he still demolishes his opponents... An angry Buster Gates is not a nice Buster Gates. If you thought he was dangerous before... Just wait... Just wait... Buster will be back, and when he does return, there will be explosions. Oh, and I guess the last pick for Team Green, just because there was literally no-one else and he's only being picked to keep up the numbers, that man is Chris Young. Let me be clear that Buster does not WANT Chris Young. But, Buster isn't an idiot. He knows that Chris can wrestle, so welcome to the team... That is Team Greens final pick. Remember, Buster Gates will return, soon.
    *Reginald walks away from his podium and returns backstage, signalling the end of the draft.*
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