PPV Precision Wrestle Dynasty - Results

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    Match Card

    Match One
    Singles Match: Ryan Blake @TheFrostyBlur VS Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97
    Winner: Andersen Vega

    Match Two:
    Singles Match: Chris Young @impactking VS Rhys Haze @Solarxpixel
    Winner: Rhys Haze

    Match Three
    Singles Match: Mike Thunder @Mike Thunder VS Tyson Blade @Electro
    Winner: Mike Thunder

    Match Four
    Triple Threat Match: Joseph Diamond @CiV VS Bill Bronson @Gino Bambino VS Jack Rogue @Geek773
    Winner: Jack Rogue

    Main Event

    Elimination Chamber Match: Will Neilson @TheKingSonic VS Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh VS Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur VS The Blade @Gino Bambino VS Noah Styles @Awesomenrh VS Andersen Vega @Welsh-Wizard-97
    Winner: Andersen Vega

    (It has been a fun year. Clearly we had our ups and downs, but that was expected considering I was that Xbox guy coming in to take control. I always just wanted this place to become a stable league, and I do really think we succeeded. I remember back like 5 or 6 months ago when everyone was thinking the league was going to fail, but I believe we proved everyone wrong. We became a lot stronger as a unit, and ultimately that saved the league. I can sit here and act like I did everything, but that isn't true whatsoever. The league members saved this place while I just moderated the section. We're going to continue to grow stronger, and we're going to survive. Running this league has made me very happy, and I need to thank the members of the league for making it so active. Next year will have struggles, but if we continue to grow as a community then nothing can stop us. This as you know will be the final show of the 2K16 league, but the threads should remain open, so feel free to talk in the OOC thread over the next few months while we wait for the 2K17 leagues to open. Again, thanks to everyone for their contribution to keeping the league alive. GM Frosty out)
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  2. Geek won

    holy shit
  3. This is a terrible ppv. I hate it. Rogue won a title. Neilson lost the title. Bill didn't win. This was terrible, only good thing was Mike Thunder winning...I liked that part but I hated the rest.

    Also I'm creating a thread for the preshow results soon because me and Screw it, I can say who it is, Beaver have wrote the preshow matches in full. (According to Beaver, the Rogue vs Cole Match has 2,000 words so expect that to happen.
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  4. RIP - Will Neilson's title run.

    "It was shit and short, but you still held it."
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  6. Go win that undisputed title...

    or beat geek either works for me.
  7. BOTH
  9. This is actually amazing right now. Probably had feud of the year with @Geek773 . He put me over and I put him over. He made me a great heel and I gave him the platform to become a heel and now, at the last show of the year #WeRuleThisPlace! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Also, Frosty, you did an amazing job this year. Probably better than any PS GM ever and for that, I salute you...
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  10. rip Iron Man Title.

    Well, next league I hope I'm more active and involved in stories as I've been. I was just burnt out on writing for Blade and felt unmotivated.

    HOWEVER. I have a few characters in mind to use next league, and it's gonna be exciting. Hopefully more people join too so we can have a variety of feuds and matches every week.

    @TheFrostyBlur I know you're a lazy asshat, but could you make a post in the suggestion thread (Or a new thread entirely) with a list of all the changes that're coming to the next league? I don't have time to look through that entire thread.
  11. Watch it. I count in this shit now :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. (also when are u down for Pokemon Showdown?)
  12. in a couple of hours.
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  13. <33333333333333333 We did it man. We deserve these straps.


    Seriously though, I'm so damn happy to be Intercontinental Champion. @TheFrostyBlur didn't include matches in the thread like a nincompoop so I'd suggest watching this. It's kinda cool.

    Thanks to everyone involved in the league this year for making it as great as it has been. We lost the damn website we were on and not only survived, but did some better stuff than the TWF leagues ever saw, and exposed this league to a new group that will grow to be the veterans of this place.

    Thanks in particular to everyone who helped me personally have such a great year - @TheFrostyBlur for doing a lot to save the league, @Welsh-Wizard-97 for being my best ever feud partner (and being a big part of Rogue CAW improvements). I'm so proud of what we did and my god, the two of us going over on the grandest stage is something beautiful. THE JOBBER AND "RESIDENT PRICK". Who'd have thunk it, eh? @Gino Bambino and @CiV for helping me with various things through skype over the course of the year, from my CAW to winning matches to putting on great ones, thanks guys. Also, thanks for being in that match, Gino for taking the fall and CiV for being not even faintly salty. Promise. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: (No seriously I went there when I didn't make EC. Thanks for not hating me forever. And I stole the superkick, too....). Thanks to @Beaver for promo and character discussions too.

    Thanks also to everyone I had a match with or promo'd with this year - you're all great. Not tagging anyone here in case I forget people.

    Thanks to @The ReagMaster for the greatest banter feud EU (mostly non-league but whatever). Fuck you, ya filthy heel. Thanks to @AfricanScatMahn for being at my side in this. Anti-Reag League for life. Open to new members.
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  14. Jeez, get over yourself. It's a fictional title for goodness sake :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  16. Anti-Reag League or Colemasters...



    (now begins to fight between Reag and geek to have me on their side)
  17. I know it's not related to the results but still here's the match between me and CiV, not the greatest match in the world but still an ok one.

  18. I mean... you were on mine first for a reason, right?!

    Hey, did you even ASK Reag to manage you guys? I bet he just wormed his way in there like the sleazy, unscrupulous villain he is. Anarchy Inc doesn't need Reag. He'll only steal your spotlight.
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  19. lol