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Anti-Reag League or Colemasters...



(now begins to fight between Reag and geek to have me on their side)
You would think that Geek has had enough victorys under his belt for one day...He's not getting another one! He is greedy and he's a liar

See? He's already thinking about betraying you! You're smarter than that!
I mean... you were on mine first for a reason, right?!

Hey, did you even ASK Reag to manage you guys? I bet he just wormed his way in there like the sleazy, unscrupulous villain he is. Anarchy Inc doesn't need Reag. He'll only steal your spotlight.
Steal the spotlight? Says the person who just said this
<33333333333333333 We did it man. We deserve these straps.


Seriously though, I'm so damn happy to be Intercontinental Champion. C Closed didn't include matches in the thread like a nincompoop so I'd suggest watching this. It's kinda cool.

Thanks to everyone involved in the league this year for making it as great as it has been. We lost the damn website we were on and not only survived, but did some better stuff than the TWF leagues ever saw, and exposed this league to a new group that will grow to be the veterans of this place.

Thanks in particular to everyone who helped me personally have such a great year - C Closed for doing a lot to save the league, Welsh-Wizard-97 Welsh-Wizard-97 for being my best ever feud partner (and being a big part of Rogue CAW improvements). I'm so proud of what we did and my god, the two of us going over on the grandest stage is something beautiful. THE JOBBER AND "RESIDENT PRICK". Who'd have thunk it, eh? @Gino Bambino and CiV CiV for helping me with various things through skype over the course of the year, from my CAW to winning matches to putting on great ones, thanks guys. Also, thanks for being in that match, Gino for taking the fall and CiV for being not even faintly salty. Promise. :p (No seriously I went there when I didn't make EC. Thanks for not hating me forever. And I stole the superkick, too....). Thanks to Beavie Beavie for promo and character discussions too.

Thanks also to everyone I had a match with or promo'd with this year - you're all great. Not tagging anyone here in case I forget people.

Thanks to The Reagmaster The Reagmaster for the greatest banter feud EU (mostly non-league but whatever). Fuck you, ya filthy heel. Thanks to @AfricanScatMahn for being at my side in this. Anti-Reag League for life. Open to new members.
This is a obvious attempt at making sure all of the attention was him


Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
You would think that Geek has had enough victorys under his belt for one day...He's not getting another one! He is greedy and he's a liar

See? He's already thinking about betraying you! You're smarter than that!

Steal the spotlight? Says the person who just said this

This is a obvious attempt at making sure all of the attention was him
Eh...Ya both're backstabbing little inbred prickazoids so yup (I may as well join in, I suppose)


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See? He's already thinking about betraying you! You're smarter than that!
Taken altogether out of context and talking about Jack Rogue. It's true of him, as Sanic Sanic will know because he's nice enough to read others' promos.

This is a obvious attempt at making sure all of the attention was him
I spent most of it thanking other people! You didn't acknowledge your mention either, showing that you're a disgusting heel that is not to be trusted.

And talk about greedy - the current Colemasters vs ARL member tally is like 8-3. He's so greedy that he just wants anyone and won't give anyone their fair spotlight, shown in the TRAVESTY of @Crithu not being #2 anymore. (Your ARL spot is always open, buddy...)
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The Reagmaster

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Taken altogether out of context and talking about Jack Rogue. It's true of him, as Sanic Sanic will know because he's nice enough to read others' promos.

I spent most of it thanking other people! You didn't acknowledge your mention either, showing that you're a disgusting heel that is not to be trusted.

And talk about greedy - the current Colemasters vs ARL member tally is like 8-3. He's so greedy that he just wants anyone and won't give anyone their fair spotlight, shown in the TRAVESTY of @Crithu not being #2 anymore. (Your ARL spot is always open, buddy...)
You forgot that Crithu accepted it in the OOC thread and said he will have to take it back when he becomes more active so. Plus it's actually 10-2. It shows that many people dislike you.


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It isn't over....yet. There is at least... one match. One more match, of epic proportions!

*This is a non-cannon pre-show match!*

Jack Rouge vs Reagan Cole

5FDP's House of the Rising Sun echoes through the stadium and this draws a mixed reaction as it signals the arrival of Anarchy Inc’s manager, Reagan Cole. The British Apprentice cockily walks out to the stage wearing an Anarchy Inc t-shirt over his ring gear and smirks at the crowd. He walks down the ramp as confident as ever. Despite a rough ending to his time in other promotion, IWT, he has been undefeated in WWEF Percision pre-show matches as he faces Jack Rouge in a personal match. Reagan walks around the ring until he gets back to the ramp where Reagan slides into the ring and backs into his corner, taking off his t-shirt.

The lights dim as “The Blacker the Berry” replaces the 5FDP song, signalling the arrival of the new, more aggressive Jack Rouge. He makes his way out onto the stage with a cold look in his eye as he heads towards the ring. Over the past number of months, he has gone through a complete metamorphosis. Rouge, who was once a beloved underdog with more heart and passion than anyone else in the history of Precision or TWF, was forced to embrace this dark side that was deep within him. He has made his way down the ramp and walks up the steps and enters the ring where he climbs one of the turnbuckles, but keeps his eye on Reagan Cole, before jumping down and heading towards his corner as his theme music fades away.

The referee makes sure both men are in their corners and seems to be ready to start the match, until he is interrupted by a message from the ring announcer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have received word from the head offices of WWEF that said, and I quote…” The announcer clears his throat. “We feel as though this match can’t be controlled with an average official and we need an official who can handle himself if the situation goes out of control and call this match fair, so we have named a special guest referee!” This news brings a loud cheer from the packed crowd at WrestleDynasty. “So let me introduce, the guest referee, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, making his first appearance in WWEF, Ryan Vendetta!”

“Danger Zone” by Psychostick plays through the speakers, drawing one of the first positive reactions in Precision in a long time. The lights flash from a red to gold as, shockingly, the former NGW wrestler makes his way out on the stage. He has his old ring gear of long red tights and black kickpads, with his entrance jacket that covers a referee shirt. Vendetta runs towards one side of the stage, pumping up the crowd before heading towards the middle of the stage where Reagan Cole is shocked in the ring while Rouge remains expressionless. Vendetta points towards them before heading down the ramp and high fiving multiple fans before running around the ring and sliding on the apron to flash a “peace sign” to some of the fans. He smiles and enters the ring where he takes off his jacket and shakes the referee’s hand, signalling to him that the match is in good hands. His theme music fades and Vendetta rings the bell, signalling the beginning of the match.

With the surprise referee, Reagan Cole is caught completely off-guard and Jack Rouge takes advantage and charges at him with a forearm, sending Cole in the corner. Rouge pounds rights into the head of Cole, then stomps away at him in the corner. Keeping true to his role, Vendetta starts a count to try to ward Rouge off. When he reaches a four and there is no sign of Rouge letting up, Vendetta steps between them, practically pushing the deranged one off of Cole. This time, it’s Rouge’s turn to be shocked as his eyes widen. “I’m the referee here,” Vendetta exclaims. “What I say goes.” Vendetta steps aside, but Reagan Cole uses this to catch Rouge off-guard as well. He charges at the former TWF star and slams him down to the mat with a double leg takedown and hammers away at him with lefts and rights. Wanting to remain impartial, Vendetta now pulls Cole off of Rouge.

Upset, Reagan Cole yells at his friend and Vendetta ignores it, ordering him back to his corner and waiting for Rouge to return to his feet before signalling for them to go at each other. Both competitors exchange glares before locking in a collar and tie up. Before either man has the opportunity to wrestle each other to the ground, Rouge swiftly kicks Cole in the gut and strikes him in the jaw with a European uppercut. Jack Rouge quickly follows up with multiple slaps to the head and then drives his foot into the ribcage of Reagan with a vicious back heel kick. Forced to catch his breath, Reagan Cole bends down and Rouge runs off the ropes, connecting with a running dropkick to the side of the head. He covers his opponent, face-washing him with his elbow in the process, but Vendetta only gets to a one count as Reagan Cole gets the shoulder up before two.

Keeping focus on his opponent, Jack Rouge facewashes him with his foot before picking him up and Irish whipping him towards the corner where he runs at him, driving both his knees into the head of the British Apprentice. There is a sickening thud as Reagan Cole slumps forward and is on wobbling legs. Rouge flips him to his back with a snapmare and stomps into his chest. This aggression forces the guest official to give him a warning, but it goes on deaf ears as Rouge then drives his knee across the throat of Reagan Cole. Intensity fills the eyes of Jack Rouge as he is in complete control. He pulls Reagan Cole up in a headlock and places him chest first across the middle rope. Ignoring Vendetta’s wishes, he steps off the middle rope and drives his boot into the back of Reagan Cole’s head. The former IWT wrestler rolls towards the middle of the ring, holding the back of his scalp and Rouge secures a chin lock in the center of the ring while driving his knee into the spine of Reagan Cole.

Reagan Cole grunts in pain as Rouge pulls back on his jaw and Vendetta asks him if he wants to submit. As of right now, the answer is a definite no as Reagan Cole tries to crawl towards the ropes. What is only several feet seem like miles as Rouge’s knee still pushes him down. But eventually, he makes his way to the ropes, grasping them and forcing a rope break. Rouge keeps it locked in until a three count and reluctantly releases the hold. Having enough of his beating, Reagan Cole rolls outside of the ring. He gasps for air as Rouge measures him in the ring. The “Rouge One” runs off the opposite side ropes and charges full steam and dives through the ropes, but Reagan Cole side steps him, forcing him to crash into the guard railing!

Thankfully for Rouge, he turned himself last second and turned what could have been him going head first, into him taking most the impact on his back. But the wind was completely knocked out of his lungs and he is left vulnerable as Reagan Cole drives a lifting knee into his ribcage. Vendetta is forced to just start to count these men out as he begins his count. Reagan Cole grabs Rouge by the back of his head and tights and yells at him before sending him crashing into the steps rib first. The steps are moves a good foot as a loud bang is heard. The count is at a five and Reagan Cole takes his time, pulling Jack Rouge to his feet and sending him in the railing once again before tossing him back in the ring and following suit before a ten count is reached.

When they both are in the ring, Reagan Cole wraps both his legs around the abdomen of Rouge, targeting the ribs that are surely injured. Incredible discomfort is seen on his face as the air is being squeezed out of him. Then, to add more insult to injury, Reagan Cole occasionally pounds his elbow into the head of Rouge. Vendetta asks Rouge if he gives, but he shakes his head. Instead he rolls himself backwards, putting Reagan Cole’s shoulders on the mat and forcing Reagan to break the hold. Rouge rolls on his feet, but he doesn’t get much of a chance to retaliate as Reagan Cole once again targets the ribs with a kick and lifts him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position before dropping him rib first on his knees with a gutbuster! Reagan Cole presses Rouges shoulders to the mat and Vendetta counts one…two…and Rouge gets his shoulder up, continuing the match.

Frustration is beginning to mount for both men as they both have taken a beating and dished out punishment. Reagan Cole drags Rouge towards the middle of the ring by his foot and rolls him over for a single-leg Boston crab, bending the spine and torquing the knee. The game plan for Reagan Cole is clear, wear down Rouge. Sweat is beaming down the head of Rouge as he crawls towards the ropes again. Vendetta keeps his eyes on whether or not Rouge will give up, but he continues to will himself on. He gets within finger tips of the ropes, but Reagan Cole drags him in the middle of the ring and transitions into the Cole Lock!

His penitent leg lock is secured and it looks to be the end for Jack Rouge as his knee is twisted violently. The end seems to be near for Jack Rouge. His body is aching, Reagan Cole is practically trying to rip his leg in two. But, despite how cold he’s become in recent time, there is still a bit of that Rouge fire inside of him as he crawls slowly and surely, he grabs the rope. Vendetta counts Reagan Cole to release the hold, but he doesn’t let go like he normally would. Vendetta yells at his friend to release the hold and has to literally pry him off of Rouge. This seems to only enrage Reagan even more and goes directly in the face of Vendetta and tensions run high. These two men, both coming from the same company, became friends, gaining respect for eachother; however, it is being tested greatly. This is giving Rouge time to recover as he wills himself up, trying to get feeling back in his leg while trying to will through sore ribs. He stalks Reagan Cole who is distracted with Vendetta and when his attention is finally off the Live-Wire, Rouge runs at him and takes him down to the mat with an impressive slingblade! Rouge hooks the leg for a pin and Vendetta counts.



Thre…No! Reagan Cole kicks out at the last moment, willing his shoulder off the mat and the match continues. Jack Rouge seems to be ready to put this match away and eyes up Reagan Cole. He waits, and waits. Reagan Cole slowly makes his way up to his feet and Rouge grabs him from behind in a reverse facelock, perhaps thinking for his rolling cutter…but Reagan Cole had it scouted. Slipping behind his foe, Reagan picks him up in an electric chair position and carries him towards the corner where he drops him face first in the turnbuckles! “This Way or That Way” connects! Rouge leans face first in the turnbuckle and is rolled up on his shoulders for a pin. Vendetta counts.




No! Just before Vendetta’s hand hits the mat, Rouge rolls his shoulder off the mat! The jaw of Reagan Cole is dropped and shock is on his face. He thought he had it. He thought that was it. Instead of putting Rouge away for good, he turns his anger to Vendetta. “That wasn’t fast enough!” Reagan Cole screams on the top of his lungs. Before Vendetta can get a response, Reagan Cole sucker punches him directly in the jaw. Dropping the guest referee. Favouring his jaw, Vendetta is in disbelief. He looks towards Cole, eyes wide. There was a line, and it was crossed. Vendetta seems to be ready to smack Reagan Cole upside the head and the member of Anarchy Inc seems welcome to that idea. In fact, Reagan Cole kneels down, begging Vendetta to fire a return shot. But he doesn’t have the time to.

Jack Rouge, who had used this time to recover, strikes Reagan Cole in the side of the head with an expertly aimed Super Kick! He pulls Reagan Cole off the mat and locks him again in a reverse facelock and drives him face first into the mat with a rolling cutter! Jack Rouge pushes Reagan Cole over to his back and he pins him. Vendetta slides into position and pounds his hand into the mat for the count.




The bell is rung and Jack Rouge is declared the winner as his theme music plays. Grabbing his ribs and struggling to his feet, Jack Rouge looks down at the fallen Reagan Cole and Vendetta raises his hand. Rouge doesn’t take much time to celebrate and he exits the ring leaving Vendetta and Cole together. Rouge’s theme eventually dies down and Reagan Cole is slowly making his way up as Vendetta stands in the corner, sighing. When the realization of his defeat sinks in. Reagan Cole immediately heads for his, possibly former, friend. “You screwed me! You wanted me to lose, didn’t you?!” Reagan Cole is letting all his frustration out and Vendetta doesn’t want any of it and starts to walk away.

But, Reagan Cole doesn’t let him. He picks him up from behind, trying to hit him with the “Fire of Cole” burning hammer. Thankfully for Vendetta, Reagan Cole doesn’t have the strength to keep him up and he slides off his shoulders. He eyes Reagan Cole up in the corner and runs at him, connecting him in the head with a shotgun single-leg dropkick! Reagan Cole lies on the mat and Vendetta buries his head in his hands. He didn’t want to have to do it, but he was forced to.

Removing his referee’s shirt, Vendetta tosses it to the side and starts to leave the ring and heads up the ramp where he catches up to Jack Rouge. Watching the official go past him, Rouge makes a beeline back to the ring to pick up the pieces! This doesn’t seem to fly with Ryan Vendetta as he chases after Rouge. Just as Jack gets to the ring and tries to pick Reagan Cole up, Vendetta immediately pushes Rouge off, who returns the favor with a roundhouse to the head! The former NGW Roulette Champion is taken down to a knee and Rouge eyes him up in the corner, aiming for his super kick. He lunges forward, and Vendetta ducks underneath the incoming kick and runs towards the ropes where he springboards off them and flies through the air, catching Rouge with his Springboard Tornado DDT, the Mystical Space Typhoon!

The crowd cheers and now both men are taken out and Ryan Vendetta gets up and looks at what has happened. He doesn’t celebrate, or take pride in what had happened. He was forced to lay out one of his close friends, and then almost got his head kicked in. Vendetta rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, refusing to look back at the ring as he heads to the back, having finished his assignment of officiating and leaving both competitors laying in the ring, almost as a lesson for them not to sink as low as they did. Will they learn? Time will tell.


Ryan Vendetta is seen walking backstage at WrestleDynasty in the hallways of the arena. He has changed out of his gear and is wearing a pair of blue jeans, an old Danger Zone hoodie, and is pulling his luggage down the hall. The camera catches up to him and the cameraman asks a question that is on everyone’s mind.

“Hello? Ryan Vendetta? Just moments ago we witnessed you make a surprise appearance in the pre-show Rouge vs Cole match as the guest referee. You have never stepped in a Precision ring before, but this one time you came out. Are you part of WWEF now? Why did you chose to be the guest referee for that match?”

Ryan Vendetta stops. He gives a great sign and faces the camera.

“No, I’m not part of WWEF, and with contractual obligations elsewhere, I’m unable to join as a competitor at this time. Frankly, I kind wish I could. I’ve seen a lot of great people step into either a TWF or WWEF ring. People like Tyson Blade, The Scat, Buster Gates, Jordan Bull, Amazing H, The Blade, frankly, I wanted to join them among the people we have now. But…I can’t. For those who don’t know, I’m Ryan Vendetta. I’ve been around the block a bit before. I’ve made friends, enemies, earned the respect of my peers, went out of my way to entertain the fans, while simultaneously pissing others off. I started off as a tag team competitor with someone who at first was almost a complete stranger, and he then became my best friend, and he still is to this day. We’ve had a couple big wins, some rough losses and I’m sure where ever I’ll be, there will be more to come. But I’ve always wanted to compete at this stage. Sadly I can’t.”

“So is that why you chose to be the referee?”

“Partially. Let me explain. Reagan Cole. He is…well, was, one of the better friends I’ve made in this industry. We both came up in the same promotion and at first, he was just another person, then when his partner ditched him, he still wanted to compete and found a new partner under short notice. He impressed me with that drive. I heard a while ago he quit where he once was and I was curious where’d he go and what he’d do. So I turn on my television and I see him here, in WWEF, and he sold his damn soul to Anarchy Inc. Then I’d tune into these pre-show matches where he’d make ridiculous stipulations to make himself win all the time. Hell, he even had a match with a guy in a damn coma and a freaking teddy bear! He went from a guy I respected into a right arrogant d-bag! I want the old Reagan Cole back, and tonight I wanted to prevent him from going to the lows he normally would go. Did it work? Not entirely, is the old Reagan Cole still there? Maybe, or maybe it died along with his pride when he tapped out to a girl in his last match?”

“What about Jack Rouge?”

“Jack, now Jack was once someone I looked up to. He was the type of guy who always took a beating and always got back up and entertained the fans. Something I try to do myself. He was respected, humble, yet hungry and determined to improve. If I would be able to wrestle here one day, he is one person I would love to face. But then came Andersen Vega. He broke Jack. He forced him to be his bitch for months on end, slowly eating away at his sanity and forcing him to go to new lows. I can tell Andersen is trying to change a new leaf, but it doesn't change what he did to Jack. Then tonight, the Jack Rouge I saw in the ring wasn’t the real one. It was a cold machine. He wasn’t even human! So when I saw both Reagan Cole and Jack Rouge were going to face off, I went to Mr. Blake and I asked him to be in the match. But, before I could have got added, I was told by my lawyer if I would compete as a wrestler, myself and Precision could get sued because of another contract I have in place. That was why I asked to have it changed to make myself a guest referee. Because if I can’t beat sense back into them, maybe I could contain it. Sadly I couldn’t.”

“Very unfortunate to hear. Is there anything else you would like to say?”

“You know what, yes. This goes out to the Precision locker room. So pay attention.”

He wipes his face off and takes a deep breath and looks towards the camera. Slowly, his voice increases in volume.

“Precision, there aren’t many heroes left, is there? I’m not talking the kind of hero like “The Blade,” but there seems to be these shared set of beliefs which are nothing but toxic. This place was formed out of the ashes of a place that was killed because of bullshit idiots obsessed with power and needless beef and people who saw themselves as “God-like,” this place was supposed to be different. But it doesn’t seem that way. Where is the honour? Where is the respect!? Where is the respect for those people!? Those people who buy tickets to these events and give us money to support ourselves, our dreams, and our families?! Huh?! I’m sure we all had a damn time we were little kids looking at these larger than life personalities on our television screens. They’d urge us to never give up, eat our vitamins and say our prayers, they were heroes! We have a chance to be a hero for someone, but nobody here stands up for what’s right! Instead we have the Blakes having practically a monopoly of power, there is Anarchy Inc, going to lows so deep they should be locked up in jail. How about someone going on television and voicing all his frustrations without being provoked just to stir the pot? What about using a legends farewell as a way to make a statement? That and so much more!”

Ryan Vendetta shakes his head. “No matter where I am, no matter what I do, no matter the danger I may face, I try to be that person who gives hope to others and give the fans someone to look towards, someone who has their interests at heart and can give them a laugh once in a while. Sure, I’m not perfect, but if this is the only time I get to say something to the Precision roster, I say this…”

Ryan breaths in through his nose and tightens his hand into a fist.

“Bring honour back to professional wrestling.”

Vendetta starts to roll his luggage away, but the camera man stops him with one last question.

“Where will Ryan Vendetta go now?”

He chuckles and looks back at the camera man.

Keep watching me, you’ll find out eventually. But just remember, when it comes to the Danger-Kid, the Live-Wire, the Master of the Mystical Space Typhoon, Ryan Vendetta, danger is always part of the game in whatever I do. Just get ready.”

Flashing up a “peace sign” Vendetta walks away as the camera fades away.

Reag asked me to write this since I wrote matches for a bit in TWF's e-fed so I did. Then I added the promo because if I am going to be running your guy's promo school in 2k17, it'd be nice to show those who haven't seen my work what I'm capable of. Hence why also I wanted to add my old character as the ref. Plus....I just really miss promo-ing as Vendetta.
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The Architect
Okay, so since everybody seems to be doing write-ups right now, so I might as well join the party.

I joined the league and pretty much nobody expected me to STILL BE UNDEFEATED WHEN THE LEAGUE ENDED.

Not Scat, not Geek (TWICE!), not Gino Bambino (TWICE!), not Welsh, not Viktor Swkdokwodkeokfokof aka TheKingSonic, not Mike Thunder, and most certainly not

It really was such a marvel that you were all able to experience the greatest run of wins in the history of this, or any sport.

This winning streak is forever, and Diamond is Forever.


CiValicious, Undefeated-0. Forever.
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