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  1. Predict where a wrestler will be by Wrestle Mania.
    You can pick any wrestler/diva who is on the current roster.
  2. The Rock: Main Event
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  3. Zack Ryder: Backstage
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  4. Ziggler: Axxess
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  5. Triple H: In his office (that can be his real office or the ring)
  6. cm punk vs stone cold
  7. Guest appearance by celebrity on a secondary channel who starred on a show called 'Outback Hunters' to cut a promo against Zeb Coulter.
  8. The Shield: Pre Show
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  9. John Cena: Main Event

  10. It'll be Rock vs Brock
  11. Sin Cara: Botchamania
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  12. That should be the main event, but Cena's been in the main event for so long, that I don't know if they'll pull him out of that spot.

  13. Remember, it's 'Mania...there will be, like, three "main events".

    Rock vs. Brock
    Punk vs. Undertaker II (he's like Lays...nobody can wrestle Taker just once)
    Cena vs. Ziggler for the WWE Championship

  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Liked just for Captain Haddock alone. ^
  16. Justin Gabriel: At home watching
  17. HHH will probably be involved in a match where he takes control of the WWE vs Vince (or a chosen opponent).
  18. Chris Jericho: on tour with Fozzy
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  19. Darren Young: On the main card.
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  20. I'd rather see Cena vs. Bryan...

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